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Purge and Purchase – Donations, October

Remember my “one in one out policy”? Well this is the start of monthly ‘Donation’ posts. Every month I plan to write a post on the things that I have donated that month. Then I shall do a second post on the stuff that I bought that month, including my monthly luxury item, which is an expenditure that I wouldn’t normally purchase, however I can afford it because I only ever spend £4 on jeans!

Now for donation No 1:

Topshop Cape – bought last year from Caring and Sharing charity shop, Inverness

I bought this cape when I was looking for clothes for my new office wardrobe, before I started my job through in Aberdeen. It looked lovely and cosy and I loved the tweed style pattern. However, it had never felt quite right on me and I have only worn it once. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost but it will have been around £10. The fabric has a slight metallic weave through it which I’m not keen on and the waist belt fights with the need for a cape to be slightly oversized. Also, I’m not a fan of the length because I prefer either a short jacket or a knee length coat. Therefore I will be donating this  this week for someone else, it is hardly worn by either myself or the previous owner so will be a great purchase for a cape lover, but sadly that just wasn’t me.

Donation No 2:

I bought this coast from Tesco when I was down visiting ES in Cirencester late last year. It was cold and I had been a wolly and forgotten to bring with me anything that vaguely represented a coat. Therefore we had to go to Cirencester 24hr Tesco in search of an emergency over garment before our trip to the gorgeous village of Castle Combe the next day. Frosty weather and clear skies guaranteed sub zero temperatures. Apart from the colour, this has not been a favourite coat of mine, and I’ll admit it was the best of an average bunch in their sale. I don’t like the fit, mid length and A-line, I feel it makes me look voluminous  and I’m not a fan of the lack of a collar, as I feel it restricts what I can wear underneath it to stuff with a simple deep dish neck line. In turn this doesn’t make it very practical. It is OK with a scarf I guess, but my love affair with this coat never really took off. I also prefer to buy a better quality item from a charity shop, as some of you may have guessed, rather than spending possibly more money on a poorer quality item made using cheap labour and cheaper fabric. It is however in excellent condition, and well worth the £8 that it will inevitably be priced at in a charity shop for someone who prefers this length and cut. But at £25 in their sale, this was a purchase I would have preferred to avoid.

Donation No 3:

I found this dress for £5 in a sale at Tesco, before I worked in an office and was still required to slob around in cargo pants for my day job in a retail store. But I just loved it. Victoria Beckham had just released her collection of tight peplum dresses and this was particularly current, plus I loved the colour. Now it is just looking a bit tatty, there are threads coming loose in a few places, completely repairable, but it’s also a size 12 and is just that bit too big on me now. It has lasted me 2 years and I’m still very fond of it, but it has to go! Out with the old, in with the new, why keep an old dress that doesn’t fit so great? Instead make room for a better one that fits perfectly.

This item also brings up another issue that many people are perhaps not aware of. I said previously that this item was looking a bit tatty, and it possibly wouldn’t be considered fit for re-sale by a charity. This should not put you off donating items. Charity shops sell on clothes and fabric by the kilogram if they consider them unfit to sell in their stores, so even bed sheets with a coffee stain, or clothes with a rip can be donated. They are just bagged up and sold by weight to a “rag man”. In turn they are possibly sent to 3rd world countries where the fabric would be used for all manner of things. So please, try not to bin any fabric or clothing, as it all works in the end as proceeds for a charity. If you are embarrassed and don’t want them to think that you are donating tat, then bag what you consider to be sell-able separately from the other ‘rag’ items, and pop a note on it to show that you don’t expect it to be re-sold.

Donation No 4:

Topshop fringed cocktail dress, front, close up, back.

I love this dress, it was one of my first properly girly purchases after a bad break up, and subsequent rebound romance. I would have previously been advised in no uncertain terms that I would look like a cheap tart and would be under further advice to remove it immediately and choose something less revealing. So in some ways this dress represents a bit of a rebellion for me. It was £20 in the Topshop sale (bit of a theme here!) and sadly is a size 12 so no longer fits me. The flapper style is about a looser cut and the fringing would ensure that it didn’t look baggy in any way, but unfortunately it is definitely designed with a bigger bust in mind! Recently I always end up hoiking at the straps trying to stop my bra poking out, and in this case my ex would’ve been right, with my bra on show I do look a bit of a tramp. So it and I must part ways, and I can only hope that the next person who owns it enjoys it as much as I did, even if it doesn’t represent such a momentous occasion in their life.

And finally, donation No 5:

Bebo platform shoes, £35 from an outlet.

I fell in love with the fabric of these shoes, if they were normal height, I would keep them. I think I bought them last autumn, or perhaps the autumn before, I can’t remember. Either way I have only worn them once. As a size 6, they are just slightly too big for me, my feet irritatingly being a 5 & 3/4 , I have a heel grip in the one where my foot is actually a lot smaller ( 5 1/4) but still they do not grip well at the heel. Also you can see that the height of the heel is Himalyan in its proportions, due in part to the gigantic platform. Personally I feel that the age of joining the Mile High Club in the form of some enormous platform has passed. I have moved on to a more lady like phase my life, one which I can only pray lasts, and the platform does not fit with that image in my head. Don’t get me wrong, anything up to an inch is still very acceptable, but the 2″ platform and higher must die a death in my book. They are difficult to walk in, and with my still delicate knee, probably a worse idea for me than many, despite my stiletto prowess and expertise.

So that concludes the story behind my 5 donations for the month of October. You can look forward to see the items that will replace these in my wardrobe tomorrow. And for your information, these will be being donated to the Bethany Christian Trust, on George St, Aberdeen for the following reasons:

  • I am not in the least bit religious, but I know good people when I see them. The volunteers in this shop have been eternally supportive of my blog, always showing an interest, always allowing me to photograph both their store and their merchandise without contempt.
  • They are open late on a Thursday, until 6:30pm, and I do not have a free weekend in Aberdeen for the next 3 weeks due to travelling commitments so it’s very convenient for me to donate after work.
  • I promised them a donation of gorgeous Office platforms some time ago, but then gave them to a friend instead as she is the same shoe size and wanted an injection of colour into her shoe wardrobe, so I have some catching up to do with my donation promises.

3 thoughts on “Purge and Purchase – Donations, October

  1. Ooops was that me that stole the promised donation of office platforms…. I’m actually deciding if I am going to keep them as they are a little too big for me also (remember the giraffe incident…!) So they may well still score if I decide to no longer keep them – I feel they deserve a trial with some heel grips first though!

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