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Purge and Purchase – Purchases, October

So these are the items that I deemed worthy enough to take pride of place in my wardrobe. As with any new purchase, some of your previous items get left to languish at the back of the rail while you new favourites take precedence.

I like to think of the circle of life that is my wardrobe as a Catwalk at Paris Fashion week. My new purchases are the items strutting their fabulous stuff down the runway, my long term favourite items sit and look on enviously from the front row, and then, as you go further back away from the bright lights, there lie the pieces that are your staples, never beautiful or charismatic enough to steal the limelight. Finally, there are the others, the ones you invite out of duty, but really you’d rather they weren’t there anymore (these are your next month’s donations). You need to make way for a new collection! If I were writing about buy things from the high street I would sound recklessly frivolous, but because you can freshen your wardrobe with several new pieces for about £15-£30 once a month (the price of a high street pair of jeans), I find this a fairly good policy. My personal style is what I like to think of as classic, pencil skirts and dresses, sharp shoes and jackets, and so it can become a little difficult to find those things to get rid of.

So to my purchases currently strutting their way down my catwalk. Purchase No 1:

French Connection tops – £4 each, Shelter, George St Aberdeen

OK, OK, so this is technically two purchases. I would have preferred to have worn these with a strapless bra, but obviously within the confines of a changing room it was not something that I had to hand! Obviously someone fell out of love with this top in both of the colours that they bought it in. They were both a small. They were also perfect for my trip to Malta on Friday (have I mentioned that at all?). Long enough to look good with skinny jeans for the flight in, and long enough to be thrown over a bikini at the side of the pool, I like the racer back to them too, which obviously is not on show here. The slouchy cowl style cut is perfect for warmer climes.

A simple top like this from French Connection is £35 x 2 = £70. Saving – £62.

Purchase No 2

Philosophy Blues Original LBD, £8 Shelter and Oasis black shift, £5 Cats Protection League

Again this is two purchases, but I bought a lot this month and I don’t want to bore you to tears. The PBO dress again is going to be great for Malta as is a bit too summery for work this time of year. I love love love this Oasis black shift. As a size 8 it is quite snug on me and I can see that if I gain a few lbs I’m going to end up re-donating it, but while I fit it I shall enjoy it, and at £5 I can hardly complain if I can only fit in it in the run up to X-mas!

Purchase 3… or is it 5?

Rocha John Rocha coat, £15, The Charity Shop, Banchory

It’s kind of hard to see in this photo but this coat has an embroidered pattern which is very regal, and the cut of the coat is long and slim to the knee. It is very elegant, and it was found in the same shop as the Oasis miracle duplicate coat (which you can read more on here).

You can see a dress under that coat and that was also a purchase (6) for October:

Marks and Spencer fishtail dress, £8 found in Barnardo’s Union Street, Aberdeen

I love the intricate cut of the neck line on this dress and it is very fitted. This will replace the purple one I am donating (you can see more on that here). I love dresses, I try and wear them 80% of the time. They’re so easy to throw on, just one dress and a pair of heels and you’re ready to go in seconds. The belt is obviously added by me and matched my shoes that morning.

Purchase (7)

Per Una tweed jacket, £6.50 found in Bethany Store

I have been looking for a tweed jacket for some time now, and I have been particularly jealous of my friend Lesley’s gorgeous green jacket bought for her by her now husband. You cannot even compare this jacket with hers, hers is stunning, and a lot more costly than this would have ever been new, however it did inspire me big time to pick up some sort of tweedy jacket. Lo and behold, this lovely little number was found in the Bethany store. The pockets can either be in or out. As a coat I wear them out, but as a jacket I tuck them in. It is perfectly autumnal.

And finally – my luxury purchase. This month I treated myself to YSL Touche Eclat which is £25 for a pen. It is not a concealer, it is a highlighter and I think it’s great to disguise all of my late nights when I’ve been up Blogging! £25 is more than I would spend on a pair of shoes normally, but according to my Grandma, it’s well worth the money. And I would have to agree, it’s not still the No1 highlighter for nothing. I like the fact that my thriftyness means not only that I look great without spending too much cash, but it also means I can treat myself to other things that I wouldn’t normally afford.


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