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Wedding outfit – Thrifted

Recently I attended the wedding of my friend Lesley. Now I know you’ll all be gagging for a photo of the bride, and my, she looked stunning, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now you will have to be content with a photo of my good self, or 3.

For this über stylish wedding, I wore black. Black to a wedding? I know! Even I was dubious and sent the bride a quick text before I bought my dress just to check that it would be acceptable. Not only was she gracious enough to suggest that black would actually be stylish rather than rude, but she was also forthcoming with details of a gorgeous mustard yellow clutch and fascinator ensemble which she felt would be perfect for the occasion, and she was not wrong!

Dress, Pearce & Fionda, size 10, £24.99 from Oxfam, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

Please excuse my bare face in all it’s bland glory, obviously this was pre applying my make up! A gorgeous floor length Pearce and Fionda dress, these would usually cost in the region of £180 new, and the only place I can really see as a stockist is Debenhams. I loved the cut, I’m not a fan of ‘gowns’ as such, you know poofy type things? This had sleek lines and a lovely interesting neck line which was beaded to add extra interest.

Close up of the neck line while I hastily apply my face

Due to the neck line, I opted to go bra less in this, though I would have preferred to wear a strapless bra. Two things befell me in this instance. Firstly, I forgot it. Secondly, I consoled myself that a strapless bra usually has to be on quite tight to stay up, and then you compromise with an awkward ‘back fat’ situation. I could have worn those sticky cup things to give support and shape, but they succumbed also to reason 1.

Neither are particularly flattering photo’s but you get the gist.

Lesley had previously stumbled across this gorgeous mustard yellow fascinator and clutch, they were not part of a set and instead come from two entirely different collections. They were both perfect for this outfit, and also both were half price in their respective sales in Debenhams, both of them coming to a very reasonable £35. The colours were perfect for autumn, and also gave the black a wonderful pop of colour. I loved the Art-Deco structured style of the clutch and felt it matched the structure of my dress straps very nicely. The shoes were Nine West gold sandals which I bought when I was 18 for our school prom, and they were also in the sale. Being a Yorkshire lass at heart, I always try to avoid paying full price for anything. I was especially pleased by Lesley’s styling advice, ending in of course, a ‘statement’ lip, which nicely finished the whole thing off.

In total this outfit cost me around £100 – £60 for the dress and accessories, and I vaguely recollect picking up the shoes for £40 in a Debenhams sale whilst waiting for a train in Hull.


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