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Something Borrowed

Remember my wedding outfit post? Well if you haven’t seen it, you can catch up on it here. I know you’re all dying to see the bride.

Let me give you a little background on my friend Lesley. Now, if you follow my blog regularly you will have heard a bit about Lesley already, and, as such, be aware that she is an incredibly stylish woman, lets say, a bit of a head turner. Her now husband gets many admiring comments from his work colleagues out on the rigs – well I expect that they have been translated before being relayed, but still “fine piece of ass” is still high praise in my book!

Lesley’s wedding was always going to be beautiful. Firstly she wore a Stuart Parvin gown, which the designer himself had a hand in, completely by chance. Stuart Parvin also designed the wedding dress of Zara Phillips for her wedding to Mike Tindall. I don’t know why I’m clarifying that, like there will be more to come… Also, as a demonstration of her and Mr B’s fantastic sense of humour, they had a string quartet. She walked down the aisle to Muse, and they walked away man and wife to Girls Aloud, Love Machine, all played by the very talented musicians at the back of the room.

The bride and groom.

Now, obviously, that dress cost a pretty penny, more than their car in fact, and for funsies I’m not going to estimate the worth of their car or even tell you what type or age it is. I’ll tell you it’s not a brand new Aston Martin DB9… and that’s all I’m saying on the matter.

My blog is all about looking fabulous for less, so really this dress should not be taking pride of place as it is, but it’s just too fabulous! However, as my title would suggest, I should like to move on to Lesley’s something borrowed.

Does anyone remember my post on vintage fur? If not, feel free to read it here. In it, I mention the beautiful fur shawl bequeathed to me by ES’s mother. I wore it to Lesley’s very stylish not hen, I am afraid I do not have photo’s, but both Lesley and her mother were so taken with it that she asked me if it could be her something borrowed, and naturally both myself and Lynn were delighted! I was only too happy to oblige.

Vintage 40s fur shawl – perhaps fox fur.

Firstly, can I just highlight the admiring glance that the bride is getting from her new husband, how cute!!! Now unfortunately, I won’t get my hands on a copy of the official photographs for some time, so my photo on my little hand held camera will have to do for now! Lynn was overjoyed as her mother had previously worn this at her wedding, and I plan to do the same when I get married, whenever that may be, and we are currently in no rush, let me just quantify that before friends and family start buying hats and goodness knows what else.

Obviously, as this was passed down to me as something of a family heirloom, it cost me nothing, and it certainly does look fabulous, but it means more to me than the amount money needed to buy it. I am now starting to create my own history around it, and I hope one day to be able to pass it on to someone who will continue to place their own influence on it.

In celebration of Lesley and Chris – may they have many many happy years together.


2 thoughts on “Something Borrowed

  1. Thank you for your many many kind words darling. We had a lovely day and we’re so glad you and ES were there to share it with us. You looked fabulous, chic and sexy. Kisses!

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