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Donations of a different kind.

As you all know, I regularly use fashion magazines as a source of inspiration for my blog. This also means by proxy that I buy a lot of magazines. It is sacrilege for me to throw them out, but no one wants them clogging up the living room, least of all my boyfriend!

So, to follow on from last weeks posts regarding donations to Charity shops which you can read here, I decided that I should be donating my magazines rather than just putting them in the recycling. This is an altogether different form of recycling. I took them to a local Doctor’s surgery.

This to me is the best way to recycle them, and it is in itself a form of charity. A quick Google search renders me even more clueless about the origins of magazines in Doctor’s and Dentist’s waiting rooms. I can only imagine that they will rely upon donations from Staff at the very least. That is possibly why some of the copies are so old and dog-eared. I can see evidence online of private clinics paying subscriptions to furnish their waiting rooms with magazines, however I cannot imagine that this would be an acceptable way to spend NHS funds. Everyone appreciates that a decent magazine in an A&E waiting room can make the wait much more bearable. Many clinics would appreciate a donation of magazines, you can always phone or stick your head in the door on the way past to check. And the next time you’re thinking of throwing your collection in the recycling, it may be better to pop them in the door of a close by surgery.



2 thoughts on “Donations of a different kind.

  1. That’s great because I thought in this day and age dentist and doctor waiting rooms had dispensed with magazines because of the germs that may be on them from fellow patients, ridiculous I know. Ps love your blog!!!

  2. Hi! There was a bit of uproar recently when a dentist was told not to have magazines in order to avoid the spread of germs (This was the main finding of my glance through Google.) However I have recently ended up in Hospital waiting rooms in various locations across Aberdeen because of my knee and they all still have a good selection. Maybe it’s just taking it’s time to reach us up in the North? Just like everything else! (Motorways, fashion…. sunshine!)

    Thank you for your kind words, the support is much appreciated 🙂 x

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