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There has been a bit of a wedding theme recently, and I decided to let the momentum of that inspiration carry me on a little further. Wedding dresses end up in Charity shops all the time, and lets face it, this is a dress for one day, so they’re all in very good condition. In fact I feel that if I could pick up my dress in a Charity shop then I would.

It is hard to find items that aren’t too dated. Many people keep their wedding dresses a long time for sentimental value until it’s no longer spatially viable, there’s no hope of fitting in it any more, or divorce…. and all of these things do mean that trends have tended to move on. Believe me, there are quite a few 80s creations out there!

So I was excited to find this item as it opened up a wealth of opportunities to the bargain bride.

Bridal skirt, £20, Cancer Research UK, Charity Shop Corner, Aberdeen

Wedding dresses cost a phenomenal amount of money, and I already told you about my friend Lesley’s Stuart Parvin gown, you can read more about that here.  If you are getting married on a budget, the dress can be quite an easy way to save a bit of money if you get it second hand.

The thing about a second hand dress is that you don’t really get a hand in what you’re wearing, you don’t get to choose as such, all the choices on detailing have been made for you… or have they? If you love the cut of a bejellwed dress but don’t want the embellishment, you could take it to a skilful tailor and have them remove it.

This skirt was particularly enthralling, as you could have a top made however you like, corseted, non corseted, strapless, with straps, thin straps, off the shoulder straps, any kind of straps you like! The skirt could even be made into a dress by a talented tailor. Something such as a ribbon on the waist would neatly disguise the join. £20 for the skirt would leave you with a lot of spare cash to make up the rest of your outfit.

Yes I know it’s a hideous brown top on it, but you get the gist. On another note, my boyfriend is going to freak out when he sees this photo! I am wearing no shoes here, with heels it would pick up off the ground.

There was a large selection of dresses, most around the size 14-16 mark and their prices ranged from £100 to £400.

The embellishment on the torso of this dress is little flowers.

I am not a fan of this dress personally as I would prefer something with as little embellishment as possible. It did however have a gorgeous train and was in a lovely ivory colour.


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