Look Fabulous with Less (than 100ml)

Amazingly I haven’t harped on about my trip to Malta with the girls last weekend, this is something of a small miracle. We had a fabulous time in 27° heat the first day. So it was a bit of a shock to come back to 3 degrees in Aberdeen.

We only went away for a long weekend and that means one thing for us – Hand luggage only travelling.

It is widely known that you may only take receptacles with a maximum of 100ml in your hand luggage on a flight, and this always causes at the very least confusion, and at the most wide ranging anxiety. This allowance is capped at a total of 1L.

Here I am going to document some very handy tips on how to look fabulous on your holiday within this very restrictive limitations.

Behold: tricks of the trade

Here are 3 handy little items that you can take with you in your hand luggage to ensure that you look fabulous on your holiday. Everyone wants to look their best when they’re away, even for the simple fact that the camera will be out every three seconds and you will be expected to laminate a smile to your face for every photo.

Trick No1: Hair dye conditioner.

This is unbelievable stuff. I once stripped the colour from my hair and re-dyed it blonde 3 times, and this miracle elixir brought it back from the brink. Not quite to it’s former glory but that was to be expected, only divine intervention could manage that! Often when we go on holiday, it’s hot, it’s dry, we’re in and out of the sea/swimming pool more often than a frog lacking a sense of spatial awareness. This all takes it’s toll on our hair. Even if you’re nowhere near a pool, often hair cosmetics can be expensive in foreign countries, or you can’t find a recognisable brand (L’Oreal conditioner cost almost twice as much as a bottle of wine in Paris, though that says as much about a bottle of wine as it does about the cost of hair care!)

These handy little tubs of conditioner are 40ml, perfect for your little plastic bag, and they are such an intense conditioner that even if you drowned in the dead sea, your hair still would look amazing in an open casket….

No 2: Foundation

Now most people’s foundation is around 30ml, in which case a perfect size for just popping straight in your plastic liquids bag. However, hear me out. That little tub at the front is a small tester pot of YSL Touche Eclat foundation. It is £28 for 30ml (I am considering it as my next luxury purchase for the month of November given the success of my Touche Eclat highlighter) and that is far more expensive than the £11 I pay for my 30ml of Maxfactor. Now, because you want to look radiant in all of your photo’s and you’re only away for a long weekend, you could brazenly pop in to boots and get them to try out a Dior or Chanel foundation creation on you, and take away a tester to try. If these are far more expensive than you would usually afford, you can just wear it for your holiday, you will feel fabulous, like you are treating yourself every day, and lets face it, a holiday is about indulgence, so why not indulge for free?

No 3: Perfume – testers.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a hot country, my perfume doesn’t last as long. Maybe it’s because I’m so sweaty, maybe it’s because it evaporates at an alarming rate, but I could never put on a fragrance in the morning and still have it be there at night, with or without frequent dips in the pool. On holiday you are likely to eat out most evenings, and you perhaps want to make an effort. Some people, myself included, prefer to have a fragrance for day, and another special fragrance for those special evenings out. If you were to take both, you would be using up possibly 200ml of your 1L allowance on perfume alone, and the bottles can also be very chunky. Why not pick up a tester of your favourite fragrances, that way you can have both your day and night fragrance with very little hassle. They will last about a week each. Here I have the 3 most recent Sarah Jessica Parker fragrances: “Endless”, “Dawn” & “Twilight”. It can also be a great way to try something new, and perhaps find your new favourite fragrance. These 3 were just popped in a bag when I bought cosmetics from Debanhams!


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