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Faux Fur or Faux Pas?

I am a huge fan of an even ‘huger’ fur coat. I think that there is nothing more glamorous than being swaddled in fur, well, faux fur that is. In this day in age faux fur, especially if you are buying new, is the only way to go, for both ethical and financial reasons. Vintage fur is great if you can pick up an original, but you must be prepared to pay, as vintage fur can be one of the most expensive second hand items.

Here you can see the real deal, wearing the real deal.

Marilyn Monroe dressed in fur with Joe Dimaggio

Unfortunately, faux fur can also be very expensive, even on the high street, and this is why I suggest that if you’re a fan of the old school charm of the oversized fur coat, then you should look no further than your local charity shop!

My mum is also a fan of this kind of glamour, perhaps it’s in the genes? She replaces her fur coat every couple of years more often than not from a charity shop. I am currently searching for a great fur item to rival hers. I found one item which I could consider a contender:

Dennis Basso faux fur coat, size S, £25, British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

Dennis Basso is an American designer who is somewhat famed for his ‘fur’, though I can find Dennis Basso faux fur coats for around £120 on the internet. I very much liked this jacket. It had size S in the label, but was size cubed and labelled as a size 12 in the charity shop. This was definitely a size small, because it is meant to be oversized. I wasn’t too much a fan of the zip though. It was a bit conspicuous. In the end I elected not to buy this as my coat collection is a bit on the huge size and I didn’t get the feeling that I had to have it. It did make me feel very glamorous though!


3 thoughts on “Faux Fur or Faux Pas?

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    • Hi Lynn, Im not sure as I haven’t visited recently. But they do tend to rotate stock around every 4 weeks. They usually stock pile donations of fur coats etc for winter so if that one’s gone they’ve probably got more to put out. Good luck with your search!

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