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Pop Ya Collar

I have recently noticed something of a resurgence of the huge collar. While in TK Maxx the other day I almost drowned in about 3 of the coats I tried on, it was heaven. I love a statement coat, and I can’t think of a better statement than a big collar.

This idea was reaffirmed by the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, but you can’t blink or you’ll miss it!

I have been trying to convince myself that I need the following coat in my life because I love the collar, but there is one problem:

Mexx shearling coat with fur collar, £10.99, size 12, found in The British Heart Foundation, Union Street

This coat does not fasten, it merely wraps around, and as a size 12 felt a bit huge on me, but as soon as I pulled it closed it felt great. I thought maybe I could buy a couple of hook and eye’s so that I would be able to close it, but when it was open it would still be discreet. This coat is a shearling style but it was fully synthetic which meant that it was nice and light. I love the faux fur trim as well as collar, it feels very glam.

Mexx coats such as this cost around £130 new, and as this coat was barely worn, £10.99 is a steal.

Saving =  £119


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