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Charity Shop stock rotation and other miracles.

Does anyone remember the time that I floated the idea that I may have terrible taste in coats? You can read more on it here, essentially I bought a coat many years ago in a charity shop, it became stained, and then several months later I found another exact match in another charity shop over a hundred miles away. Two people disliked this coat enough to donate it to a charity shop, and it’s actually my favourite!

Another coat that I found months and months ago in Barnardo’s, Scott Street, Perth was featured in one of my run of “Androgyny” posts, which you can read here. Now, in order to keep their stock looking fresh and keep customer’s interested, Charity Shops rotate their stock around stores every couple of weeks, moving it on to new cities and towns. You will often see on the labels a number of weeks written on it, which usually states the week that the garment arrived, and therefore the volunteers can track it’s scheduled departure if it remains unsold.

It came as no surprise to stumble across this garment again in the Aberdeen Union Street branch of Barnardos, although it did make me feel a little bit of a loser to recognise the coat again and be able to remember it’s previous location.

Anne of Lancay coat, £7.99, size 14 found again in Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen.

This jacket is still labelled as a size 14, but has been cubed as a size 18/20 this time. When I found it, I marketed it as over-sized androgyny, and it works well as a size 14. It is actually labelled by the designer as a Medium, and that it how it was originally cubed in Perth, however the price remains the same.

That in itself is not a miracle… This is…

 Anne of Lancay coat, £4, size M, Dove House Hospice, Beverley, East Yorkshire

I couldn’t believe it! I am certain that this is not a product of stock rotation as this is found in Dove House Hospice, a completely unrelated charity, and as I only came across the first coat in Aberdeen last Tuesday, to find this 400 miles away in Yorkshire only 6 days later is unbelievable. OK I didn’t buy this, so perhaps the fact that there is yet another coat which happened to catch my eye and has ended up in charity shops more than once is not so much to do with my taste as the last miracle. But, I can’t deny that there’s a pattern forming…


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