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Black Velvet

Velvet is a strange fabric, evoking strong reactions whichever side of the fence you sit. Some people find it the ultimate symbol of opulence, others, a sign of fashions gone by.

I believe, as with a lot of clothing, that a garment is first and foremost about the cut, and then second comes the fabric it is made from. A great cut will take you far further than a luxurious and expensive fabric that remains ill-fitting. Case in point, the cut of Lady Gaga’s meat dress would have to be so out of this world that it resided on the very edge of the galaxy before it looked good.

Harper’s Bazaar have dedicated a page to velvet, and you can find many garments of this ilk in charity shops as it is a classic fabric, but I strongly feel that the cut must also be classic, demure, lady like. Never brash or structured. This is a fabric to be draped.

Harper’s Bazaar – Velvet

Described by Harper’s Bazaar as a mini trend, I would suggest that all who treat it as such will look ridiculous. You either feel comfortable in velvet or you don’t. It is a stand out fabric, and if you wear it in a head-turning colour you will be guaranteed to start a conversation. The way velvet catches the light is quite unique and it can have a habit of highlighting those areas that you wish to keep well hidden. If you do have the odd lump and bump, I would recommend black as the safest and easiest colour to stick to with this fabric, and opt for a classic and yet striking cut to avoid it looking like you’ve jumped on the band wagon in the safest manner possible.

Velvet dress, size 12, £15, Scope, Beverley

I loved the neckline of this dress, and the slit up the side is very current too. The back had equally gorgeous detailing, and this dress would be perfect for an occasion this coming party season. I don’t agree with the pearls, however. The detail around the neckline of it’s dress speaks for itself. Statement earrings  and an up do would be all that was required, I feel that the pearls make it seem old fashioned.

So, to summarise:

  • Wear velvet if it is a fabric that you feel comfortable in
  • Ensure an elegant and classic cut – no 80s shoulder pads!
  • Avoid bright colours if you wish to disguise lumps and bumps
  • Keep your hair and accessories contemporary, and let the dress, and fabric, do the talking.

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