Look Fabulous For Less – Bargain Boob Job

That’s right, I went to Leeds and 34A and came back a 30D and only £17.50 lighter.

The only tenuous link I can find between this “Look fabulous for less” post and my usual charity shop fodder is that you should never, ever, ever….. ever, like ever… buy a bra from a charity shop. Don’t get me wrong, they do sell them, and they’re only ever brand new, and if you’re truly hard up, who am I to criticise, however… never ever, ever still stands.

This is 34 A me:

Let me tell you the story of how this all came about. I was down on holiday in Yorkshire visiting family this week, hence the lack of posts, and midweek I nipped across to Leeds to see an old school friend. She’s not actually old, she’s the same age as me, BOOM BOOM. Sorry. Anyhow, she shall henceforth be known as The Boob Meister. We had popped in to Zara for me to try on a dress that I had previously seen on Louise Minchin of BBC Breakfast fame. Stood there in my bra and pants after having tried the dress she commented “What on earth is that you’re wearing?”. As I was still only wearing the two aforementioned garments I wasn’t really sure what she was finding so offensive, seeing as it’s technically not possible to be ‘wearing’ a belly.

As it turns out it was my bra that she was commenting on. “It’s meant to support your boobs, dahling, not just cover up your nipples! What size is that thing anyway?”

My reply shocked and horrified her: “34A…”, “You’re never a 34,” she said, “I’m a 32 and I’m a size 14, you’re either a 32C or a 30D”  I personally found the notion of being a D cup as unbelievable as she found the idea that I thought I was a 34. She did however state that she was much happier about an afternoon’s shopping now that she had a cause, namely refitting me with a bra of the correct size. We visited Debenhams with no success, and then Marks and Spencer which was much more fruitful. After trying a number of 32 and 30 C’s, she went off rummaging for a 30D with the following results:

30D me:

My sad and sorry pair are now lifted. When I would tighten the shoulder straps at the back of my other bras to lift the front, in the end all that would happen was that the strap at the back would ride up uncomfortably, and I would feel that my arm pits were getting more support than my boobs! The Boob Meister reassured me that with a smaller back size, the back would stay low and the cups would be raised up adding support. She was not wrong, and I have become used to the tighter feel around my rib cage. One thing I did point out and have since discussed with other girlfriends is the ‘back breasts’ situation, that is when your fat on your back appears to spill over or under the straps of your bra. This is something that is quite simply unavoidable unless you’re a size 6.

The conclusion that we all came to was that we would prefer a slight back fat spillage than sad boobs!

It is well documented that the women of Britian are quite simply wearing the wrong bra size, with many electing to wear a bigger back size than they should. Your underwear is the foundation of any outfit, so it is vital that you get the right size to ensure that you look your best in whatever you choose to wear, wherever you choose to buy it from.

I would also like to mention if there are those who would suggest that my first bra was cheap and that’s why it wasn’t supporting me properly, that one is actually Calvin Klein and far more expensive than my new M&S one. So what has happened here is that I have gone from a common bra size, relatively easy to find, to one that is so rare there should be a WWF foundation set up for it’s survival. “Sponser a 30D bra today and get this welcome pack, complete with cuddly toy boobs… “


10 thoughts on “Look Fabulous For Less – Bargain Boob Job

  1. My god Megan HOW did I not know about your bra faux pax?!!! I had the same problem years ago I was wearing a 36C and a really got measured to find I was actually a 32F!!! F sounds massive but when it’s a lower back size it’s just right. I now sort of float between 32F and 30FF. However my reason for commenting is to ask how many people who get correctly sized find it a NIGHTMARE dividing decent bras in your size? C’mon high street shops keep up!!

    • Amazing isn’t it. My BF hasn’t quite worked out that they haven’t actually changed in size but is dead proud of me for now being a D cup lol, like all of a sudden I’ll be on page 3… :/

    • Haha! It’s terrible isn’t it. I had a further discussion with a woman in La Senza the other day when I was looking to find more bras as I now only have 1 that fits! And she shook her had sadly when I said I had previously been wearing a 34 A. She looked so forlorn!

  2. A HUGE number of women are wearing the wrong bra and its ridiculously unnecessary!
    However darling, a 30 can be found in most shops. Sorry to shove my wizarding warlocks in your fabulous face but try and find a decent 28H without having to spend £30 plus!

    • Your quest is far more difficult than mine. However I have gone from being able to find my size in every shop, to losing a good number of high street shops from my hit list. My WWF comment was mainly for comic effect 😉

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