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Golden Eye

I suffer from Golden Eye, which is entirely different than pink eye before you smutty smutty people drag my blog and it’s glorious content through the mud with your juvenile inappropriate senses of humour. Oh, you weren’t thinking that… hmmm, guess the joke’s on me! A bad case of Golden eye relates to finding metallic, shiny, sparkly things irresistible  I want to touch it, stare at it, imagine it going with everything I own. I am the definitive magpie. Anything shiny or sparkly! So items for this post have been relatively easy to find!

Monsoon halterneck dress, size 10, £19.99, The British Heart Foundation, Monks Cross, York

This dress was silk and a gorgeous gorgeous colour. I would have bought it only I really don’t need another dress, plus I couldn’t really be bothered to take it into the changing room. This is an occupational hazard of shopping in winter, you have so many layers on that going in and out of the changing room is like your 20 minutes government recommended daily exercise. It does however mean that I have to really really want something in order to try it on.

Parfois clutch, £10, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

This gorgeous box clutch is exactly what you need this season. I found a great box wallet in Topshop the other covered in sparkles which you can see here. It is also a similar style to the McQueen knuckle duster clutches which are a box type structure.

Karen Millen gold snakeskin slingbacks, £25, size 4, Marie Curie, Chapel Street, Aberdeen

These slingbacks have been featured before but they’re very contemporary with their pencil heel. The heel is actually a non specific colour but the reflection of the window makes it look silver. Gold shoes are eternally useful as they go with pretty much anything. Metallics in general can be paired with a multitude of outfits and can either enhance or mute other colours that you’re wearing.

Gold is much more of an evening colour, but due to the nights drawing in, you can get away with this much more easily even earlier in the evening.


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