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Vogue to the rescue – Fashion goes, Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Oh thank god! This months Harper’s Bazaar was verging on drab, the minimal inspiration I gleaned from it’s shiny pages dried up faster than light rain in the Atacama. I had to buy another magazine and fast!

There is only one. The only place to turn to when your wardrobe is becoming unpalatable and you’re lacking vivacity… Vogue!

I didn’t even need to open the magazine, the front cover was enough.

Vogue goes POP!

Vogue has gone retro with a modern twist. It’s pages are littered with memorabilia from the era of pop art and the entire magazine is an explosion of colour. The perfect injection of fun, and just what I need as the nights draw in and my enthusiasm for pretty much everything starts to wane. The fashion world is already a season ahead with many fashion houses parading their S/S 13 collections to the world.

Recently I have found a number of beautiful bright and colourful items but have had no reason to show them off. Magazines have been awash with tweed and wool, page after page of gorgeous Autumn fashion, but I feel it is time for some light relief.

The first item is this vintage silk jacket, reminiscent of the style of this one on the front cover:

Vintage silk jacket, size small, £6.50, The Bethany Store, George Street, Aberdeen

So the colours may not be as bright, and the pattern may be more floral, but I loved the delicate scalloped detail on the neckline, and the fabric has that textured appearance to it without being overly heavy. The muted colours may actually work better for this time of year but it is still brighter than some of the browns that I have been wearing of late.

I loved the way the neckline scooped up the back of the neck and you can see the fact that it is silk with the reflection of the flash on the fabric, which brightens the whole item up. This was a little on the big side for me, and more of a medium than a small.

I will save my other gloriously graphic items for another day and will begin to take you on a tour of what I think will be one of the most exciting issues of Vogue, or any magazine come to think of it, for some time!

It has reignited my spark, and I simply cannot wait to get out and about in the charity shops of Aberdeen tomorrow!


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