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The Big Bang Theory

December’s Vogue is quite simply an enormous explosion of colour and graphics. Every garment displayed is either a bright and brilliant colour in it’s own right, or is covered from head to foot in gorgeous graphics and pictorial patterns.

When I saw these pages, I was reminded of one thing and one thing only. A Max Mara patterned jacket that I had stumbled across only two weeks before. In fact, despite coming to the fairly speedy conclusion that it wasn’t really my style, I am now itching to get back to the Chest Heart and Stroke store on Rosemount Viaduct where I saw it to purchase it.

Max Mara Weekend jacket, size 12, £25, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen

This über cute jacket, covered in cupcakes and love hearts is just too perfect! I almost can’t believe I found it! The Max Mara Weekend clothing line can be purchased from a number of places, one of them is Harvey Nichols (I know because I saw it in their Sloane Street store). This was obviously just too cute for somebody, or they didn’t recognise that they were in fact ahead of the fashion pack.

With an item like this you either need go all out for sickly sweet, pairing it with something like a pale pink dress or skirt, perhaps pale yellow skinny jeans, or you need to toughen it up. Either way you approach it, you will need to be bold, because otherwise you will just look like you wimped out.

You could, under no circumstances, wear this with regular denim. Way too safe, way too boring. Coloured denim would be the only way to go, and you would need to team the entire outfit with some brightly coloured shoes, perhaps a coral colour to pull out the detail in the jacket. Something like these:

Mango sandals, unworn, size 5, £20, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Perfect to as an icing on this retro cake. Bright, bold, beautiful.


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