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E to GG cup!

You’re going to be sorely disappointed…

Carrying on with it’s fun filled theme, Vogue turns it’s attention to snazzy crockery.

Cup and saucer by Jasper Conran for Selfriges, £65 for two.

Now, I don’t know about you but I am so clumsy, that even if I had the money to spend £65 on a set of two cups and saucers… I wouldn’t. (I would, however, spend £140 on a set of two Swarovski crystal encrusted champagne flutes, these are on my list of things to have if I don’t have children, and I shall stare at them longingly from outside the cupboard for which I most likely cannot find the key. ES has added a buggy powered by a 125cc engine to our list of things we can have if we do have children, along with chronic fatigue, and that’s as far as we got).

You’re probably wondering where the bra size reference is going to come in to all this, and I’m willing to bet at least 56 pence that somewhere, a sexually frustrated teenage boy has clicked on the link to my blog full of hope and expectation. Well my friends, you have been punned!

Behold my purchase, far snazzier than these tea cups, and far cheaper.

Egg cup, £2, bought from Shelter, George Street, Aberdeen

How gorgeous is this E-GG cup! See what I did there… *Groan*. I love the matching elongated spoon. I used this the next day and it is equally practical as it is impractical. You have to clasp the egg cup tightly when ever you travel with it due to it having the centre of gravity of an expiring game of Jenga, but the spoon is a very handy length. Normally to get this long length you end up with a huge head… on the spoon… you people disgust me!

However I feel the poorly considered centre of gravity is worth it for the feeling of elation upon successfully reaching the sofa/table and still having something to eat for breakfast that isn’t covered in fluff.


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