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The Twenties in your 20s

I do enjoy Twenties fashion. Fringing, flappers and head pieces. The age of Opulence.

I found a gorgeous Coast dress in the Cults Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland Boutique, and it coincidentally gives me a great  opportunity to revisit this store. Previously I had said that this store was much more expensive than your average charity shop, and it is, but I think I was thinking of it the wrong way. This shop isn’t an expensive charity shop, it is an inexpensive vintage boutique. Although it doesn’t just sell vintage clothing, it also sells fantastic quality contemporary clothing.

In fact, it only sells fantastic quality clothing, you will not find a single mothballed shrunken woollen jumper here. This shop is awash with designer goods and clothing in impeccable condition.

Back to the original theme of this post, and a great example of the fantastic quality of the items in this store:

Coast Silk dress, size 12, £48.

This beautiful delicate dress reminded me very much of the style of the Twenties, beautiful ethereal bead work that sparkles in the light. The light silk fabric is floaty and the deep V neckline would be demure and seductive all at once, especially when worked with a small cleavage.

A signature look of the twenties was fur, although the full fur jacket more came in to it’s own in the forties. These two items were much better quality than the item I previously found here, and they are definitely worth the extra money. They are both faux fur:

Full length faux fur coat, size 12, £100

If you want some serious glamour then full length is the only way to go. That formula works just as well for dresses and wool coats as it does for fur.

3/4 length faux fur coat, size Medium, £68

I loved the way this coat made me feel, like a movie star! But sadly I have no where to wear it, and again on the approach to Christmas and also while trying to save as much money for a deposit as possible, it would be reckless to spend £68 on a coat, even one as amazing as this. ES is meant to be saving too, though in reality that just isn’t happening, so to make him take me to the Ballet just so I can wear a coat I can’t afford to buy would be silly.

If you could wear that dress, drape yourself in that fur coat and pick up a vintage head beaded piece and you would look like you stepped straight out of the Twenties. All that would be required for this classic look would be a 2″ kitten heel to ensure authenticity rather than looking like you’re dressed in costume.


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