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Fringing and other quirks

I took a little break from my blog this week. Truth be told, my day job is sitting inside working on a computer, and it was beginning to get me down coming home to start it all over again. I’d sit down on the sofa, get out the laptop and start brain storming. My blog is meant to be a hobby, not a chore, so I fought the withdrawal symptoms, shaking and sweating, and elected not to pre-write posts to cover my weekend away to see friends in Inverness. I’ll be honest, it has been refreshing, and I found my mind naturally wandering to think about what the topic of my next post would be.

In the end, it was the items that I have found in the charity shops that have inspired me more than my magazines, and I have in turn found this to be quite a revelation.

I have referenced Vogue’s bright and quirky spreads of late, and have been pleasantly surprised by the volume of beautiful bright clothes out there. When it’s winter we tend to forget they exist, but I have found that colourful clothes work wonders to brighten my mood in these months of little daylight.

I think this is a hideous jacket, however it brings the concept of fringing to the fore, a form of decoration that can be very playful if used in the right manner. You needn’t look like you’ve stepped off the set of an old western, instead using this to inject movement and energy into your outfit. One of the places where fringing will have most effect is on the legs and feet, and one of the safest and yet coolest ways to wear fringing, or anything outrageous in my opinion, is on your feet!

Faith fringed sandals, BNWT, size 5, £24.99, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, Cults

These Faith fringed sandals were brand new with a cheeky red sole. They were clearly from some sort of collection as you can see from their red signature. Another take on a type of fringing is having very heavy bead embellishment, like a slightly more crazy take on ethnic detailing. This artist, featured for her style in Vogue, takes it to the extreme. It looks like she has taken the idea of nipple tassels to industrial lengths, so far that she has had to go full circle and actually attach them to a bra! Artists are strange strange people, but I get the impression that they like it that way, so I won’t argue.

Boots and clutch set, size 7 boots, £55, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults

If you want quirky, I can give you quirky! Check out the detailing on this matching set of clutch and shoes. I actually like the detailing, but I hate the colour and I hate the style of the boots. But it did give me a great idea about possibly spicing up and customising a few things that I consider dull and boring.

I think I may come back to this idea at a later date, perhaps when I own my own home and have a little bit more space to start throwing sparkly things around.

Also, I’ll let you into a little secret… shortly after I wrote all that waffle about feeling rejuvenated and revitalised with inspiration I thought… “Oh sod this!” and went to bed. I actually finished this post on my lunch break, such is the life span of my inspiration at the moment. Sorry to burst the bubble!


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