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Military Boots

There is no magazine spread for this post, and do you know why?? Because military style boots are awesome! Always have been, always will be, full stop. They are endlessly practical, and, when paired with skinny jeans and a t-shirt, effortlessly stylish. They come in many different shapes and sizes, some more suitable for certain body shapes than others.

For girls with bigger thighs, I would suggest a mid calf boot that doesn’t fit tightly, something that you can get 4 fingers down at least. This bagginess at the calf makes your lower leg look skinnier, and the extra volume your lower legs now carry should balance out the top. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with small thighs and slim legs in general, you can go for a style that comes right up to the knee and laces tightly, this will show off your super slim enviable legs.

However the same rule will always apply; if you’re going to do tough military styling, make sure that there is something either edgy or feminine about the rest of your look to save you from looking like you’re actually going on some sort of butch mission.

I spotted these beauties in The British Heart Foundation in York and fell instantly in love, lamenting loudly to all the other shoppers about my huge hooves (size 6, sometimes a five, well one foot is, the other one is more of a… oh who cares, they were not my size, get over it!)

Schuh military boots, size 3, £10.99, The British Heart Foundation, York

I just love the tough shin guard style detail at the top and the way that they lace up is reminiscent of Doc Marten’s but without the clumpiness and Goth connotations.

I wanted them, hell, I still want them! And at that price too! Damn me and my clodhoppers! Now I’m going to have to finish this post before I run off to the stationary cupboard to try and find something to bind my feet with in the style of an old chinese lady, or worse, find something suitable for such activities sat here at my desk.

On a slight side note, I have realised that I feel nice and perky at work, and it’s only when I get home in the evening that I can’t be bothered to wrestle my boyfriend’s laptop off him to write a post. So I am now writing them on my lunch break again. Perhaps requires a little pre-planning, but much better than the lethargy ridden drivel that I would spout otherwise!

Peace out homies! (Why am I so hyper??? *checks Heinz Tomato & Basil soup for E numbers…)


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