Purge and Purchase

Purge and Purchase – November Purge

I have decided to call this series “Purge and Purchase” and this is my second installment. I’ll group them together so you can see what I buy and donate in a little series, should you so wish. All goods will once again be donated to The Bethany Store, on George Street as they are open late on Thursday’s.

This months purging has been long needed as a number of items quite simply don’t fit, and that is an even worse reason to hold on to something than if you’re just not sure it suits you any more!

Item 1: Excuse my dirty mirrors

Zara Trousers, size small

I paid £19.95 for these new. Zara’s sizes are incomprehensible. These ‘size small’ trousers are too big by a country mile and yet I tried on a small dress there the other day and a small was v snug! I bought them last winter when I was looking for a nice pair of straight leg pale trousers. However they do that annoying thing where they fit when you first put them on they fit great, and then as the day goes on they get saggier and saggier.

Item 2:

Oasis trousers size 10, bought from Sue Ryder, £4

These were always a bit on the huge size for a 10, but I enjoyed their slouchy comfiness, and I am gutted that they are now too big. And before anyone tries to claim that both of these trousers have an elasticated waistband, they don’t! And both pairs will be going along with the rest of this post to The Bethany Store on George Street.

Item 3:

Tesco ‘dress’, size 12

This dress was from Tesco and I bought it new for £12. It’s sort of a top, but I’ve always worn it as a dress on a night out, because I’m a bit of a tart. Sadly again this is too big now and stretchy Lycra/cotton mix fabrics should never be baggy.

Item 4:

Debenhams 20’s style dress, size 12

I bought this from a Charity shop last year for Christmas type events and it was even a little big back then, but now it’s huge and the wrap style of it and my tiny bust mean that I have a serious gaping problem. So it has to go.

Item 5:

Primark pleather short sleeved bomber jacket, size 12

This Primark bomber jackets cost me £5 in the sale, but the short sleeves on it are impractical meaning that I don’t wear it in winter, and it’s a bit sweaty for summer being pleather. I haven’t worn it for about 18 months so it’s taking up unnecessary space and needs to go!

Item 6:

Tesco military style over coat, size 12

This was one of my favourite coats and travelled with me to Paris last year with my girlfriends. It is now missing a button on the left lapel due to my penchant for carrying my handbag over my left shoulder. I am not sure if they would re-sell this with a button missing, or if they would put it to the rag man, however it is in very good condition. It has no pockets, a characteristic of cheap Tesco coats, and this one cost me £25 some years ago, because, as per usual, I had forgotten one!

That isn’t yet the end of my donations as I have one last item. Item 7:

Zara jacket, size S, repaired lining (left), hole in sleeve (right)

I bought this jacket from a charity shop about 3 years ago and have repaired it repeatedly, and as you can see from my improvised lining made from an old lady skirt, I’m not that good at it. But it was the day I shoved my arm in the top of the arm hole and it never cam out of the bottom was the final straw, and I decided, despite my love for this jacket, time’s time. Funnily enough, this item was one example that was actually a little tight when I bought it, so I rarely buttoned it, and now it fits really quite nicely, well… fitted.

This is an item that I will be donating in a bag labelled for the Rag Man, along with a selection of Bras that no longer fit. These will be sold as fabric by the kilo.

All these items will make room nicely for the items in my next post – my purchases.


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