Purge and Purchase

Purge and Purchase – Purchases, November

I may have created some room in my wardrobe, but I must make sure that I fill it wisely.

For example, the Zara jacket that I am donating has now been replaced by a black Zara jacket/blazer, a wardrobe staple and it only cost me £6 from the Oxfam in Beverley. No photo required, it does what it says on the tin.

I also found these, Purchase 1:

Dune knee high boots, size 4, £14.99, Sue Ryder Care, Aberdeen

These are incredible for a number of reasons. Firstly, Dune have a pair very similar in their current collection, which you can see here which are reduced to £128 from £160. Personally I’d rather pay £14.99! The other thing some of you eagle eyed regular readers may have noticed is that these are a size 4, and I’m usually a size 5 or 6. These were an item that I was just going to ram my foot in to take a photo for you people, but when I realised that I didn’t actually have to ram my foot in, and they fitted nicely, they were definitely going to be leaving the shop with me.

Purchase 2:

River Island handbag, £9.99, The British Heart Foundation, York

I couldn’t believe that someone would have thrown this handbag out! It isn’t really leather but, as with most River Island handbags, it looks a lot more expensive than it is, and the loosely connected metal links are really in fashion this season. This bag is huge and I really like the neutral pale tan colour, the light from above distorts the colour of this a little.

Purchase 3:

Pink handmade dress, size unknown, £6.99, Barnardos, Inverness

I didn’t try this on as I didn’t have time, but something about it just caught my imagination. It is a real 1950’s Betty Draper feel to it with the waist line and drop tail back. The neckline is very flattering and one of the details I haven’t taken photo’s of is the deep V back with gorgeous little buttons to fasten it. I really fancy this for a summer wedding, which really is planning ahead! The fabric has a lovely floral pattern on it which you can’t really see in these photos.

Purchase 4:

Next red houndstooth bow court shoes, size 5, £6.99, Barnardos Inverness

I had been searching for a little while now for some shoes with a heel that was a little less Shard and a little more Gherkin, that is less thin skyscraper and a little more stubby and manageable. These are sooooo cute! And very comfy to walk in. The fabric finish to them means that they are much more suited to winter than summer in terms of style.

I have made a couple of other purchases but they’re much less exciting in the form of a grey Gap long sleeved T-shirt, £3, a Jasper Conran  yellow jumper £4 and an H&M army green dress, £6.

So that leaves room for my month’s luxury purchase, a new scent:


2 thoughts on “Purge and Purchase – Purchases, November

    • Thank you! I know, I can’t wait to wear it. Some of my friends weren’t so sure about it, but I reckon the right vintage/50s accessories will set it off a treat!

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