Festive Fabulousness For Less!

I got this idea from Pintrest, it just looked so kitsch and quirky, and above all I thought it looked cheap! As in, looked like it wouldn’t cost me much, not that it looked like Kim Kardashian in pleather. I love wrapping Christmas presents, and having them displayed so lovely under the tree! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that all this effort and money spent on making it look pretty on the outside is essentially money in the bin, quite literally.

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

First I knew I needed to buy some newspaper. This would always look best with plain black and white newspaper, however that is becoming very very rare, in fact you would only find it in little local newspapers, and they have very few pages. As one doesn’t really want to be buying 3 newspapers for this, because then it gets expensive, I chose to buy the Press and Journal. This is a large local Aberdeen paper, and as I am English, Scottish things are still quite a novelty to many of my relatives. It’s nice to spread the news of my city to relatives far far away through my wrapping paper.

Next, I knew that I needed ribbon. For a while I considered buying ribbon from a Haberdashery, however again, that is expensive, so I decided to make a trip to Poundland. This turned out to be a prudent move as I managed to get great festive ribbon for £1 a roll, and a pack of 6 rolls of that twirly ribbon stuff also for £1. The final ingredient for these are doily’s. These are the finishing touch because they look like snowflakes, I picked up a pack of 60 for £1.

Funnily enough, my theme hadn’t always been Red. I had picked up some gold sparkly ribbon and some gold twirly ribbon stuff, but was agonising over gold swing tags as all of them weren’t quite right. However in the interests of thriftiness, I elected to just got with a pack of 12 glittery gold ones for £1. We had previously entered Home Bargains with the intention of finding suitable Christmas wrapping but I couldn’t find things I liked, and it was then that I realised that taking ES along for my shopping trip may have been a bad idea. Men have very little interest in Christmas wrapping at the best of times, let alone being dragged around a number of shops looking for ‘better’ doily’s.

We joined the Poundland queue, in position number 7. As we slowly edged ever closer to the cashier, I noticed a box of selected gift tags… I started rummaging… and found the red Christmas tree ones. We were now at position 2, ES could practically taste the cold fresh air outside, his eyes gazing longingly at the exit, tapping his foot slightly in anticipation of the outdoors, before I made my announcement… “Ooh! These are much better! Hmmm, they don’t quite go with gold though, I’ll need to change all my ribbons, come on!…”

He was, shall we say, unimpressed, but I managed to pacify him with 3 of bars of festive Milka,  none of which now exist and it’s only been a day. Oh to have the metabolism of a man.


4 thoughts on “Festive Fabulousness For Less!

    • It’s so lovely! I reckon you could add doily’s to any style of wrapping paper and it would look good, even if you just wanted to jazz up the underside! And 60 for £1, ti would be rude not to, as my dad would say 🙂 x

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