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I haven’t posted for a wee while on here, again, life gets in the way. There’s nothing less festive than a stressed Meggy! I haven’t managed to get out and about around the charity shops of late due to various social, and less social, commitments.

Last time I was out rummaging the charity shops of Aberdeen I stumbled across two ‘designer’ bags. This poses a problem for me, because I suspected the first to be fake and the second to be a perfume type freebie. While no one likes getting ripped off, at charity shop prices, you’re hardly getting stung, and if it’s something you like, then why not buy it?

The first was definitely leather, and good quality too, but something about the way it was stitched didn’t ring true. So either I’m incredibly picky (unlikely) or it was a fake. At £8.99 though, no one is complaining. At that price, I suspect that the staff at the British Heart Foundation thought the same.

'Prada' handbag, £8.99, The British Heart Foundaiton, Aberdeen

‘Prada’ handbag, £8.99, The British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen

This wasn’t quite my style anyway, I loved the colours, but the cutsey bow and the size of it don’t suit me, I’m neither small nor cute.

The next bag posed an equal quandary as Anna Sui is not famed for her handbags, rather her perfumes, and this looks typical of a Christmas gift set.

Anna Sui clutch bag, £5.99 The British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen

Anna Sui clutch bag, £5.99 The British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen

I think you’d have to have a certain kind of style to pull this off. The fabric, if you can call it that, isn’t the classiest, but I did think it was kind of cute. Not for me though, I prefer things that are less fussy.

Both items were displayed pride of place on their own shelf, making a nice display. Bags in general make excellent Christmas gifts, as you don’t have to worry about sizing etc. I also think that if you’re going to buy a Christmas present from a charity shop, that bags are the way to go as they are not so personal, and they don’t have the same connotations of having been worn before…


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