Charity / Purge and Purchase

eBay are a bunch of robbing bar stewards

(Stand back – this is a ranty ranty, spilling my guts and brains out on to my screen, kind of blog post)

Well, technically, they’re not (see blog post title), and you fully know what you are signing up for and the costs incurred every time you sell something, but I always seem to leave it just long enough to forget. I am actually going to have to sell something in order to cover their commission on the item I previously sold! This is why I donate to charity shops. Clothes never fetch that much on eBay, and once you’ve factored in their listing fees, their commission on what you sell, the hassle of posting something, and finding out that your guestimate postage charge no where near covers the cost, you might as well lie down somewhere and have a quiet stress related heart attack.

There are some things worth selling, but I’d advise using Gumtree instead, generally because, although it might take you a bit longer, you’ll feel less suicidal and desperate by the end of it!

I am currently saving for a house, it’s coming together slowly but surely, and that is one of the reasons that I chose to sell some of my more desirable clothes, like this Calvin Klein dress:

Calvin Klein dress, bought from Oxfam for £20 in Aberdeen about a year ago.

Calvin Klein dress, bought from Oxfam for £20 in Aberdeen about a year ago.

This is a size 10 but is now a little on the big side, so I have decided to sell, because one of the other things about this house malarky is that I am going to have to cut way back, no more room across town just in case ES and I have a row and as an extra portal for my many shoes. No, anything I want to keep is going to have to be moved to his folk’s house over 100 miles away, so I better be damn sure I don’t need it between now and my next visit.

Another dress that I thought I would test the eBay water with is this Ellen Tracey dress:

Ellen Tracey dress, bought from TK Maxx a year ago for £39.99

Ellen Tracey dress, bought from TK Maxx a year ago for £39.99

I do occasionally buy my clothes new, and ES bought this for me as a treat on one of my impulsive trips to TK Maxx. In fact, it is so long since I bought myself a new dress, as in new new dress, that I baulk at the price of this one. Unfortunately this size 8 is rather on the large side, it’s definitely more of a size 10. I’ll be sad to see it go as I do love a red dress.

Both dresses are at 0.99p with no bids and I have no idea if they will sell. The only reason I have listed these is because I thought that the proceeds may go into my house fund, every little helps and all that.

However, after having seen the amount that eBay are going to charge me for selling my bike parts last week I will not be travelling down that avenue any more! So expect to see a lot more Purge posts over the coming weeks as I seriously downscale my wardrobe for the greater good of buying myself a poky little council house in a back water estate of Aberdeen.

Donations will be made this weekend – I’ll keep you all updated!


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