Christmas Wishes Do Come True

Yesterday while out shopping with ES, I decided to buy some pleather trousers, and I was going to buy a new pair! I haven’t strictly authorised this deviation from my theme, however, after month and months of searching in charity shops to no avail, I decided I needed a Christmas gift.

I tried a couple of pleather ones on in H&M, and then decided to try some wet look jeans. ES made me do a twirl and then exclaimed to the entire shop that “your arse looks much better in the jeans, just saying”. So as that is a compliment of the highest order, I bought the wet look jeans.

You know that excitement when you’ve bought something new, and you almost can’t wait until the next day to wear it, but you’re scared that you’ll spill your dinner on it and it’ll be game over. Well, I had that, I was like a kitten with a new toy. I’d go out of the room, then 10 minutes later I’d have my head in the H&M bag checking that all was still present and correct. When I got up the next morning, I couldn’t wait to put them on. Once suitably suited and booted, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, the only thing I could want to finish this look off is a black leather bomber jacket. There’s no point me looking in my wardrobe, I don’t own one. I wish I had one though.

Now, The British Heart Foundation have been dressing me for the past 6 years and they have been doing a stonking job of it. On the Saturday I spotted a gorgeous pony skin, leopard print leather handbag by Jones The Bootmaker for only £10, and then yesterday, I went ferreting in another British Heart Foundation store… and found this (pictured with the bag from Saturday)

Bershka Leather bomber jacket, size small, £10.99. Jones pony skin leather bag, £10 both British Heart Foundation Aberdeen

Bershka Leather bomber jacket, size small, £10.99. Jones pony skin leather bag, £10 both British Heart Foundation Aberdeen

My Christmas wish came true, and I was right, it finished off my outfit nicely. What a turn up for the books, my new favourite jacket. After all those months of trawling charity shops and showcasing leather jackets to you guys, and never finding something quite right, I finally found it, just 2 days before Christmas.

DSCF8037 DSCF8036

My skin looks terrible in these photos! Never mind, can’t have it all my own way! Considering I’m far from a good girl, it’s nice that Santa brought me a leather bomber jacket, I’m not surprised that he can’t fix my intermittent acne!


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