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What to wear for NY Eve…?

This particular evening is treated as the acme of the party season, if you get it wrong, you will ostracised for the entire social calendar of the following year. That’s right my friends, if you’re not panicking now, you should be! Well, that is what Glamour, Vogue, Marie Claire and every other female orientated publication would have you believe.

In fact, over the past few days, I have been given the impression that to wear an LBD would invite some form of capital punishment. Too boring! Too safe! Too corporate! And for the most part I would agree, but lets not ostracise our sisters for whom even the wearing of a dress is incredibly daunting! For them, the LBD will be the perfect choice, chic, flattering and comfortable enough so they enjoy themselves without feeling conspicuous. I love my LBDs, but as mine regularly visit the office sans jewellery, it would be no fun.

Over the past few weeks I have spotted a number of dresses that would be amazing for those wishing to push the boundaries on the only night that matters, allegedly, and those who would rather not wear orange with green shoes.

Firstly, for those who prefer a more subdued form of dress:

French Connection navy and black plaid dress, size 10, £10.99, British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen

French Connection navy and black plaid dress, size 10, £10.99, British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen


This gorgeous dress really hugged my waist, and sat just below the knee for those not overly confident of their legs. It gave it an elegant feel, but figure hugging enough to look very sexy. The straps were made of a stretchy fabric which in my opinion cheapened the dress, and so I would be removing them, or paying a tailor to do a decent job. As a strapless dress this would be incredible and yet understated. The darker fabric is slimming, without being boring, and as I will be spending New Years Eve in Inverness, I liked the nod to Scottish style fabrics. I would have bought this, however, I stumbled across the reason it was in the charity shop. It had very structured boning in the bodice, explaining the added curves it gave me, but one of the bones had poked through the bottom of the supporting fabric and was scratching me very uncomfortably. I know that with time I would be able to cover that over or even pad it, but over the festive season I barely have time to do the washing up, let alone repair a dress, so I left it be.

Ted Baker dress, size 10 (size 3), £19.99, The British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen

Ted Baker dress, size 10 (size 3), £19.99, The British Heart Foundation, Aberdeen

Although this isn’t dark, it is simple enough to be considered unobtrusive. Some people will detest wearing white over their lower half, however the simple black band at the waist will draw the eye to the slimmest part of your body and the light floaty fabric will graze your hips, before falling just at the knee, again showcasing your calves and ankles, the smallest part of your legs. I feel that this dress would work best on someone with a smaller bust with a statement necklace to add interest in a safe way.

Now for those who like to make a statement:

Zara red box dress, size 12, £4, Cancer Research UK, Inverness

Zara red box dress, size 12, £4, Cancer Research UK, Inverness

The traditional way to ensure that all eyes are on you is to wear red. If, like me, and the rest of the planet, you have eaten a little too much over Christmas, then you may want to stay away from something that is both eye catching, and tight. This dress is great for anyone with an apple shape like me. The traditionally means that you carry your weight over your belly rather than hips, the most unhealthy and unflattering place to carry it unfortunately. However, there is a plus side, and this is enviably slim limbs. A box dress like this hides your shape, or lack of it, and lets your long slim limbs do the talking, suggesting a lovely slim torso underneath. Again, bigger busts should stay away from this as it will add too much volume and make you appear larger. Because this dress is so simple, statement jewellery is a must! A huge necklace, big cuff and maybe some sparkly hair slides.

Ted Baker silk strapless dress, size 12, £12.50, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Ted Baker silk strapless dress, size 12, £12.50, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Dresses with bold patterns are the best way to ensure something looks different and eye catching. While some people may like to get all eyes on them by wearing a dress with an eye catching cut, I often find that interesting cuts show off more flesh than normal, and for that you need to be looking your best, and this is often not possible at New Year if you have enjoyed yourself at all over Christmas! When wearing a strapless dress, it is important to wear good underwear. A supportive strapless bra will be the difference between “Wow, you look incredible” and “Wow, should have worn a better bra…” In fact, and this is a tip that I wish Keira Knightly would listen too, it is better to stay away from strapless dresses if you’re flat chested. If you’ve got very little to start with, they’re going to struggle to hold up the weight of a dress, and the weight of the  dress will actively pull them down, making you look even more flat chested. The only time you can ignore this rule is if you’re wearing an exquisite bodiced dress, which of course holds itself up and therefore you can have your boobs, no matter their size, ratcheted up towards your chin, period drama style, and that is always infinitely fun, for everyone involved.


One thought on “What to wear for NY Eve…?

  1. 他のですあらゆる種類の特許革オックスフォード?はは間違いなくです作った編み上げ靴プレーンつま先と薄い底と同様として小さなつま先、足の。コンバース靴の多くを参照してくださいよ、非常にいくつか厚のメガネのペア、暗い布並べ替え、連想させるのバディ・ホリー日。

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