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Hmm… What to Wear With Acid Yellow?

Well, like any other totally sane person on this planet, I chose cerise!

This is going to be my first attempt at one of those outfit post thingymajigs that you folks love doing! Not that my personal taste or style is anything to write home about… so mother, I hope you’re not reading this! Like a 5 year old with a new pencil case on the first day of school, I want to wear my latest purchases and gifts to work!

Long ago, I had admired this acid yellow cropped blazer in H&M, but as I have allergies, as in, paying full price for things brings me out in a rash, and they only had a size 8, I decided to leave it where it was. I never quite forgot it though. Occasionally it would plague my dreams, floating past my eyes in all it’s acrid glory while I ran after it always 3 steps behind, all the time being chase by a marsupial rabbit with two heads. Therefore, it was with elation that I received the news that Lesley had spotted it in the sales before Christmas and picked it up for me for the princely sum of £15!

Now, some people go outside for outfit photos with their posh cameras and pose in front of stately homes. All gravel drives and soft lighting, they make the bushes around them do that lovely fuzzy thing. Well, not me. Say hello to the inside of my work toilet and a photograph of me at the only angle that I could get both my jacket and my shoes in to demonstrate the brilliance by which I got dressed this morning. This, by happy coincidence alone, makes me look like I have an enormous head (This is the point at which my brother would vigorously agree) and that I have no legs.



On Lesley’s wise instruction, I paired these two astoundingly bright items with a grey dress to act as a buffer. Sort of an acid trip sandwich with corned beef as the filling, to remind myself that I am still an inhabitant of earth.

This outfit consists of (should you also wish to send all of your work colleagues into an epileptic fit):

Grey dress: Originally George by Asda, £4 charity shop

Acid Yellow cropped blazer: £15 in the H&M sale

Cerise shoes: £38 in the Dune sale about a year ago.


5 thoughts on “Hmm… What to Wear With Acid Yellow?

    • I know! I can’t wait to wear it again, however it’ll be a bit conspicuous if I wear it 3 days in a row. I’ll have to limit myself to once a week I think. I might push the boat out and wear it with red trousers next week, and by pushing the boat out, I mean fully rowing out into Loony Lake! ha ha

  1. I have a similar jacket from H&M too – but it’s cyan instead, haha 🙂 Good outfit, the yellow is a good colour to wear this time of year. Reminds me of spring!

    • Yes I needed something to perk me up on my first day back at work in 2013! You should get your Cyan one out, as that’s an equally cheery colour!

      • It’s still too cold 😦 I would have to wear two jackets to work, haha! But as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer it will be back out on parade. We need a bit of colour around here…

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