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#TodayImWearing – Casual Friday!

Well hello Mojo! Fancy seeing you around here! Do you come here often? We shall have to meet up for a coffee… so that I can forcibly restrain you and keep you in my handbag! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, while some of you may not be mental enough to flirt with your own mojo on the internet, I am. What’s more, I intend to kidnap it and hold it hostage until well into July. I am out of the doldrums at last and it feels great. (There are meteorologists currently forecasting a massive Mojo comedown in the Aberdeen area next Tuesday…)

I think one of the reasons is being able to get back to work, which I treat as some sort of fashion parade just to make things interesting. While I do genuinely enjoy my job and rarely find a reason to bury myself back under the covers after 6:30am, it’s the getting dressed part that I love the most and most importantly, the wearing of extremely sexy shoes.

My workplace has Casual Friday, a phenomenon known to many the world over. Some people use it as a comfort blanket, some people dread having to step out of the corporate uniform. But, for those like me, who wouldn’t know a corporate uniform even if bound and gagged by one, Casual Friday provides an excuse to step outside of the box.

I understand this is another outfit post, like you good people give a damn what I’m wearing, but I’m having fun so hear me out, or alternatively press the little cross on the top-right hand side of this window.

Today I attempted to take some better photo’s. This did not go well.


Yet another catastrophic photograph

Yet another catastrophic photograph

New Shoes

New Shoes

The day I sell out and get myself a fancy SLR and a white backdrop is the day the soul is lost from this blog. However, all those photo’s really make me want to do is polish my damn mirror! I’ll add that to my to-do list. Also, my hair. My hair seriously needs to be added to my to-do list.

Anyway. The outfit; I decided that my new shoes from the Dune sale needed to be worn quite desperately. They put forward a very convincing argument, I must have left Law and Order on the TV for one episode too many. Naturally I felt that red would be a suitable enough head turning accompaniment.

As the filling in my once again gaudy and haphazard sandwich I chose grey, fail safe corned beef (see yesterday’s post for full details). This Gap long sleeved size medium basic t-shirt was purchased for £4 from Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland in Cults. It is my new favourite top and I have never looked back. I am not sure why I love it do much. I just do. In fact I come out in a cold sweat when I have to put it in the wash basket. And as it is casual Friday and I usually like to wear jeans on this most celebrated of days, I popped my new wet look jeans from H&M on.

Jacket – Full price (ARGH! The sound of my spiritual being shrivelling slightly at the horror of it all)£24.99 H&M

Top – Gap long sleeved T £4 via Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults

Jeans – Full price (*insert puff of smoke to signify the last of my spirit expiring*) £29.99 H&M

Shoes – Dune £56 in the sale via Debenhams, Aberdeen. FYI, these are my luxury purchase for the month, sorry to spoil this months Purge and purchase cliff hanger.






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