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Clear-outs are good for the soul

After all my clearing out and organising, I’m starting to get things back in order and it feels great. I have been reading a book of late which advocates “self-care”, and not just pampering yourself, but doing those things that you know will make you feel better once you’ve done them, even if it feels like a chore in the first place. The trick is to truly revel in your achievement afterwards rather than dashing straight to the next thing.

My shoe collection has shrunk by 10 pairs after numerous donations to the Charity shop. Barnardos to be exact as they have a great unloading area up near Castlegate, Aberdeen. Nicely tucked away from traffic wardens and quiet with very little traffic. However, upon collating half my shoes so far in one place, I have come across many that I just plain forgot I had. I even said to myself in Dune the other day that I should treat myself to some plain black court shoes. I had entirely forgotten a gorgeous pair of Kurt Geiger black suede court shoes bought for me by ES as a gift. Unbelieveable. I’m not sure if this says more about my memory or my huge shoe collection.

Behold, my new filing system:

Shoe stack

Shoe stack

My new shoe hanger has also come in very handy for my shoes not in boxes, well… some of them.


Luckily for me ES loves shoes almost as much as I do, therefore I never feel bad about buying them, and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to only buy good quality shoes, no more of the cheap ones from New Look, unless I’m fairly certain that I’m buying to entertain a fad! I am having to downsize and take up a much smaller area hence the shoe tower, rather than actually putting them somewhere tidy!


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