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A Day of Disappointment…

Yesterday I was so excited about my Jimmy Choo handbag, and then today I discovered it was a fake. So I’m going to try and go through some of the ways to work out whether something is designer, or counterfeit. Now obviously I could make this post short and sweet, however there are a number of things I want to share with you that have made up my Day of Disappointment, just so you get the full picture of the disaster unfolding around me…

It all began yesterday… my excitement about my new bag spilling out as I bounded up the car park towards ES who was panting and wriggling around under my car, Annie the Astra, precariously perched on a jack. I have been moaning now for about a year that Annie the Astra stalls at roundabouts, or just generally when idling. This problem has gotten more and more frequent, leading to many life threatening situations at junctions. Also it’s just downright embarrassing when you look like you have stalled your car 15 times in as many metres in a traffic jam, especially as a female driver, we all know the stereotype!. It turned out to be the crank shaft sensor…

In fact, whilst not wanting to sound like Ted Moseby, I’m going to have to go back one step further… It’s now Saturday, and I’m on the way back from Ballater after a fairly successful charity shop trip with my friend Anna, when I notice the heater is just pumping out cold air even though I’ve got it cranked up to maximum. Now ladies, should this ever happen to you it means that you have no water in your radiator system and your engine is in a lot of danger of overheating causing irreparable damage. Sure enough, I pulled over, and the header tank on my coolant is empty. After rushing to the house of a friend of a friend, we top it up with water and head home where I wait patiently to be rescued by my knight in a shiny blue Corsa. After some manly investigation, this turns out to be a split pipe, and luckily because ES is a mass hoarder of car parts he has a replacement.

So, we’re back to Sunday. ES is more than upset. After having filled up the coolant system once again he is now onto the case of the crank shaft sensor. This cost me £15 and will be worth it’s weight in gold for circumvented embarrassment at Aberdeen’s various roundabouts. Turns out, the plastic was so brittle that it snapped in half when re moved it. This is a huge disaster and has rendered my car totally worthless and un-drivable unless ES comes up with an ingenious way to remove it’s carcass from Annie the Astra’s under carriage. I have 100% faith that he will, mainly because I don’t understand, and my world will end if he doesn’t.

This has a further impact on my life, namely I have to get a lift to work with ES, and he starts at 7am… The harsh reality of this is a 5:30 start in order to have time to make myself look beautiful instead of like something that crawled out of a drain. It also means I have a 20 minute walk up hill from my drop off point to work. I’m trying to make a positive out of this, something to do with New Year’s resolutions and fitness yada yada. It was actually quite enjoyable despite it being pitch black, however it was only 8 DegC and it wasn’t raining, so I can soon see my attitude changing after a temperature drop!

For this morning stroll, I need to be wearing my trainers… I bought a new dress yesterday which will go beautifully with my Kurt Geiger court shoes that I forgot about… however, I forgot them.

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen! Not only is my Jimmy Choo handbag a fake, my car broken and worthless, and my make-up haphazardly applied before 6:30am… I have to spend my working day in wedge trainers and a dress! Day of Disappointment indeed!

Now for the way to spot a fake Jimmy Choo!

  1. The cross of the H should be 75% of the way up the letter, rather than in the middle as per the font here.
  2. The legs on the M should not be of equal width, the first should be slimmer, and the second should be fatter
  3. The metal tag on the inside of the bag should have a lilac background and Jimmy Choo should be written in gold or silver – Not Black!
  4. Obviously the stitching should be of impeccable quality and the lining should always be moleskin not synthetic.

With my bag, the H is written correctly inside the bag but the M’s are wrong and the metal tag has a black background with gold writing instead of lilac. The H on the front clasp has the cross of the H half way up rather than 75% up. As I have never even come into contact with a Jimmy Choo handbag before I was not aware of any of these things. The lining of my bag is moleskin, the outside is obviously leather, and the stitching is of excellent quality so I would call this a good fake, and in reality £40 is still an excellent price for this bag. I would have paid that in TK Maxx for a Jane Shilton or something so I’m not too upset, plus the money has gone to a very worthwhile cause!

My search for a designer bag continues!


6 thoughts on “A Day of Disappointment…

    • Very true! I still love it and like you say, I’m hardly going to get stopped in Asda while Aberdeen’s finest run at me with pitch forks and flaming torches…

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