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Shelter, Aberdeen – Gucci and Jimmy Choo handbags!

I was meant to write a much more catchy blog post title than that but really what I want is for people to know more about this incredible charity shop and the fantastic items that they have there. Firstly, this is the store that I got my great Christmas presents from including a Ralph Lauren Passport holder and some brand new Schuh patent court shoes, you can read more on that here.

Today’s tale starts out ordinarily enough… I fancied a wander into town to have a scout around the charity shops, and as I had made a purchase in H&M before Christmas I had a free £5 voucher to spend. “Challenge accepted” I thought, I’ll find something for a fiver and then I won’t have spent anything! I failed… but the dress I bought was only £10 in the sale, so cost me £5 and I justified this to myself in my usual style… “It would be rude not to”.

As part of my self care I make myself do an annoying chore everyday and then revel in the feeling of utter satisfaction afterwards. Today’s was to take out the recycling. This turned out to be a bad move for a number of reasons. After staggering down the stairs with 3 bags (one of which is a ‘bag for life’, remember that, it’s important) of empty bottles, cereal boxes and other unidentifiable bits of paper I found out that our paper recycling bin was brimmed. Refusing to accept defeat, I decided to walk to town via Morrisons which has a huge recycling area. Good idea in principal, however it did mean that during my entire shopping trip I was chaperoning a bag for life filled with recycling juice. Idiot.

This makes my story even more incredible. After visiting 3 charity shops and walking  about a mile and a half, and remember that I’m still sporting a rather fetching limp from my long jump injury of 2012, I decided to carry on up Union street another 1/2km to see what the Shelter store had to offer. That’s right, even the possibility of recycling juice finding it’s way out of the carrier bag onto my jeans didn’t put me off the walk up there.

I knew that there would be a high chance that there would be some good stuff there, because quite frankly there always is. First I stumbled across this Gucci satchel. That’s right. Gucci.

Gucci 'envelope' style satchel, £45, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Gucci ‘envelope’ style satchel, £45, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

This is not typically my style, I prefer a chunkier style of bag. But this is fantastic value for genuine Gucci. The very slim envelope style clutches are huge this season, and this satchel has a similar air with it’s super slimline design.

However, this is what I found next:

Jimmy Choo handbag, £40, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen

Jimmy Choo handbag, £40, Shelter, Union Street, Aberdeen


This is gorgeous, a really soft grey leather. I was not going to leave the store without it. I was so excited by this that I could have wet myself! I think I might actually be developing a  bit of a handbag habit. Usually they don’t excite me at all, but last Christmas my dad bought me a Coccinelle navy leather bag, ES bought me an Edina Ronay leather and fabric satchel, and since then I haven’t been able to help myself! I’ve bought a small Moschino satchel, a Jones the Bootmaker pony skin satchel, a River Island huge faux leather handbag and now this Jimmy Choo creation, all from Charity shops! All of which I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford.

The problem with handbags vs shoes is that you can’t swap your handbag every day like you can your shoes. As much as I would love to just open one handbag on the bed and tip the previous one upside down above it to swap, this would cause endless problems with lost keys, scratched mobile phones and I’d no doubt pepper my bedroom floor with a selection of kirby grips, tampons and several lipsticks!

So yesterday I spent some time carefully transferring all items from one bag to another so I can strut around like an arsehole with my latest designer find.


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