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Make your Boyfriend look like Daniel Craig for £8

OK, maybe that should read “I tried to make my boyfriend look like Daniel Craig for £8 and failed”. I reckon I could have been entirely successful had ES been a size large rather than a medium, we may never know…

Recently I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the thing that I took away from it was Daniel Craig’s grey coat. Don’t worry, I will also take that horrific rape seen with me wherever I go now, but I decided to try and numb the horror by fixating on the grey woollen coat worn so dashingly by Mr Craig. Ah Daniel; your piercing blue eyes, slightly squashed face, rough and rugged features. Just pay a visit to Aberdeen. You’ll like it up here. It’s cold, like Sweden. And grey, like Sweden. We have big four legged creatures, like Sweden. You can even bring that silver car that you like so much. But the old lady stays in London. OK so I’m mixing films but he looks good in all of them so really it’s elementary.

Behold the grey coat that got me through the rest of the film:

Daniel Craig Coat


A knee length, rugged, yet smart, yet rugged, yet smart… yet rugged coat, and of course a nice grey scarf. His mother obviously taught him well. I like a man who respects his mum. Not too much though, I don’t want her coming through and saying things like “Now, Mrs Craig,” “Please, call me Megan” I interject… “Megan, make sure that Daniel has enough clean pants and socks, and he likes his scrambled eggs microwaved rather than done in a pan on the hob. Oh and it’s not squashed, there was an accident with his little brother and a rugby ball, he’s very self concious about it!” With Daniel in the background the whole time, nodding his head assuredly, and saying things like “Have you got that dear? Because last time your eggs were a disaster”

I digress, but a wonderful coat I think you’ll all agree.

I have been on the hunt for an equivalent coat for ES ever since, and let me tell you, they’re not easy to find! I thought I had hit the jackpot the other day with this lovely herringbone French Connection creation from the Clan store in Ballater, Deeside.

French Connection men's coat, size Large, £8, Clan Scotland, Ballater

French Connection men’s coat, size Large, £8, Clan Upper Deeside Charity shop, Ballater

This was by far and away the best example of a coat like Daniel Craig’s I had seen , excellent quality too! All that fabric for £8!

Now, in order to manage to make your boyfriend look like my husband, sorry, Daniel Craig,you need your beloved to have a few important features, as to add these will cost a lot more than 8 quid.

  • Blonde hair is essential. Highlights are expensive and a bit too N-Sync for my liking…
  • Good cheek bones. Cheek implants are available at various locations around the globe but again unless you want your boyfriend to look like Jackie Stallone I would refrain.
  • A squashed face… not so essential. ES does not have this. It only looks good on certain people like Daniel Craig and Matt Dawson.
  • Slim/Buff. Non negotiable. Get them a gym membership. Or send them on a walk to Asda, but give them wrong directions. Do this once a week and he should be trim by July

Unfortunately for me, my plan fell down. ES is blessed with all of the above, apart from the squashed face, but he’s a Medium, and this coat is a Large. I bought it on the principal that, as French Connection sizes are small and it is more likely that Stephen Hawking will be able to synthesise a black hole on earth than me be able to fit into a French Connection size 8, the men’s sizes might also come up small too. This theory was to prove bogus, and so I am going to re-donate this to a charity shop when I get a spare 5 minutes from my Daniel Craig daydreams.



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