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#TodayImWearing Armani Jeans

It’s casual Friday again and this can mean only one thing… jeans! I decided to try out my ‘new’ Armani jeans bought from Shelter Scotland on my recent trip to Edinburgh. You can read more on that here .

Whilst wandering aimlessly in the direction of town, I pondered whether I needed some boyfriend style jeans in my life. ES hates baggy jeans with a passion. In fact he finds baggy clothing in general utterly repugnant. “Still”, I thought, “they would look great with a pair of flip flops and a white T-shirt… perhaps I could find a nice designer pair of slouchy slouchy ones.” Still deep in thought regarding my sudden need for a pair of boyfriend jeans, I began considering how much better it would be to get a pair of second hand ones rather than brand new. Aside from the obviously cost difference, a pair of pre-owned jeans have a much thinner and more flexible feel to them.

What luck! No sooner had my undying need for baggy jeans manifested itself, 5 minutes later I ventured into a Shelter charity shop and there they were. The perfect jeans. Armani. Size 12. Long leg (perfect for the oh so casual ‘turn up’). 20 quid. Hallelujah.

Armani Jeans, size 12, £20, Shelter, somewhere near Tollcross, Edinburgh

Armani Jeans, size 12, £20, Shelter, somewhere near Tollcross, Edinburgh

These stone washed, worn in jeans were perfect for the casual look I wanted. They may not look that baggy, and as usual my photographs leave much to be desired, but trust me, ES is not a fan. Apart from the Armani logo on my bottom, he’s a fan of that.

As it would be wholly inappropriate to wear sandals in January, even more so to work, I elected for a dashing pair of Dune faux snakeskin court shoes with sky high platform, £28 in the Dune sale when I visited London in July. They were a birthday gift from ES, who is just as much a bargain hunter as I am.

2013-01-11 13 31 37

I’m very pleased with my purchase, and the low slung waistline on these is just what I was after. At £20, I would have paid more than that for a new pair from Dorothy Perkins. As it is, I saved £110 on the RRP.


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