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A day in Edinburgh – Marie Curie charity shop, Morningside

As my regular readers will know, I recently headed down to Morningside in Edinburgh for a designer sale with a charity shop twist. My ill-advised purchase of a 5:50am train ticket led to me having to get up at 4:30am for the trudge to Aberdeen train station. I figured that if I was going to get up that early and spend £29 going to Edinburgh and back, that I might as well make the most of my day!

Not wanting to limit myself to one charity shop in the well-to-do Morningside area, I resolved to stick my head in to all of the surrounding charity shops. Surely if one can come up with enough top-end items for a designer sale, then there must be some real gems lurking around and about the area.

First stop was the Marie Curie charity shop just down the road. My first impressions were that I couldn’t see many top-end items on display. However, like a designer bloodhound, I persevered and came across quite a few items tucked away on the rails.

Max Mara high waisted straight leg woollen trousers, size 10, £12

Max Mara high waisted straight leg woollen trousers, size 10, £12

I liked these and even went to far as to try them on. In my opinion, they looked fantastic, however I knew in the back of my mind that ES would hate them. They made me feel as long legged as Karlie Kloss, but I knew that their loose fit would have ES running for the hills, or at the very least placing himself in quarantine over the other side of the bedroom until I removed them. They’re far too high fashion for him. I elected to leave them be for another lady with a more fashion oriented partner.

LK Bennet black jersey dress, size 14, £16

LK Bennet black jersey dress, size 14, £16

I have spent the best part of my recent weekend convincing my friend Anna that a simple black jersey dress is the only way to go when wanting to add simple femininity to your wardrobe when you still need to deal with a child. I guess it’s easy for me to say, being the childless heretic that I am, and many mothers out there will be scoffing at my suggestion of dress wearing at all. But I believe that the stretchy fabric is incredibly easy to move around in. No more yanking at your jeans in order to prevent a builders bottom every time you need to bend down to their level, which, I am assured, is a lot. The mid length sleeve is much more flattering than sleeveless, and more comfortable than cap-sleeves which can feel restrictive when trying to wrestle your toddler back into the push chair before they empty Boots of everything at shin level on to the floor. This LK Bennet dress is cheaper than the Next versions for £22 which you can see here, and of much better quality.

Hobbs yellow  3/4 sleeved T, size L, £8.50

Hobbs yellow 3/4 sleeved T, size L, £8.50

You cannot fault Hobbs for excellent quality items and this one costs only a little more than something similar in H&M. The lovely sunny colour will work all year round to brighten your wardrobe. It may not be so good for you shy and retiring types, however, as dressing like a sunflower (especially out of season) has the unfortunate side-effect of turning heads.

And finally:

Jack Wills padded jacket, size 10, £45

Jack Wills padded jacket, size 10, £45

Calling all students! For those of you now living on baked beans (which, contrary to popular belief, are not the cheapest and most nutritional foodstuff) and still wanting to dress like something from Made in Knightsbridge or whatever it’s called, this is the jacket for you. These are everywhere in the shops right now. This was in excellent quality, hence the price, so no one would know you had bought it second hand, you especially don’t want your mate Tarquin to find out that you shop in charity shops! He’d never let you in his Range Rover ever again. I temporarily lost my mind a couple of weekends ago and pondered loosely on buying one of these type jackets. Hobbs had a couple in the sale at £95 from £140! I briefly considered asking the sales assistant if she fancied putting on a mask while she attempted to rob me, but quickly thought better of it. Hastily I bid my retreat and decided that if I truly did wish to join the horsey parade that currently ensues, I’d be better off doing it on a budget. Nonetheless, this phase has now passed, so I left this little gem there for some beleaguered student to purchase against his bank managers wishes.




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