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Edinburgh – Oxfam – Morningside

Day 4 of Edinburgh Fashion Week. This is the equivalent of Paris Fashion Week, only far more glamorous. It involves a fashion blogger with a limp, ‘walking’ (read: desperately trying to blend in with the locals despite a conspicuous gangster lean) from Haymarket to the fashionable area of Morningside and trawling the charity shops of the area. This week is the collective summary of my best fashion finds therein, with a bit of self-deprecating humour thrown in, just in case you hadn’t picked up on that vibe.

Today, Oxfam takes centre stage. An item had caught my eye through the window:

Kurt Geiger 'KG' pony skin court shoes in leopard print, size 4, £7.99

Kurt Geiger ‘KG’ pony skin court shoes in leopard print, size 4, £7.99

During my recent trip to Aboyne to see my friend Anna, she had confided in me a sudden affection for animal prints and shoes. These heels successfully amalgamated the two so I resolved to give her a phone to describe them to her and encourage a purchase. This was achieved with varying degrees of success. A slightly exasperated Anna, after two minutes of my saying “They’re stilettos, not with a pencil heel though… no, not made from a pencil, it’s a bit chunkier than that… I honestly don’t know if pony skin is made from ponies…. no they’re leopard print…. no they’re not furry… OK so they’re kind of furry, but definitely not fluffy…” agreed that they sounded ‘interesting’ and that I should bring the specimen back for further investigation.

Verdict: she loves them, and they go with everything in her wardrobe.

Mulberry card wallet, £49.99

Mulberry card wallet, £49.99

This was quite simply out of both my price and conscience range. How could I ever raise a disapproving eyebrow at any of ES’s inappropriate car part purchases ever again if I spent £50 on a card holder. I can see it now:

ES: “FIFTY QUID!!!!!!!!”

Me: “Yes but it’s Mulberry darling.”

ES: “I don’t care if it’s leylandii, that’s outrageous. You paid more for your round and round the mulberry bush card wallet thing than you have money in your bank account I bet.”

And he’d have been right too… so I left it, consoling myself that one day ES can buy me a Mulberry handbag instead. He doesn’t know this yet.

And finally:

Russell and Bromley boots with box, size 7.5, £75

Russell and Bromley boots with box, size 7.5, £75

These looked to be in good condition and would work just as well with a skirt/dress as they would over skinny jeans. They have quite a straight cut up the leg, and they extra volume that creates is going make your thighs look slimmer by comparison. The fact that these came with their box is a real plus. I have some lovely shoes from charity shops but the only downside is that they’re usually boxless. I can therefore attribute my current rivet/shoe hanger crisis predicament to this one detail. If more of my shoes had boxes, I’d be able to stack them precariously from floor to ceiling, but as they don’t I have to hang them from the wardrobe rail in a shoe rack with weak rivets. Note to all: advise caution with this as the rivets when they give way are like missiles, and that’s if your wardrobe rail can still cope with the weight. If it can’t, the sheer bulk will cause it’s collapse and an ensuing literal wardrobe malfunction. Thank you to ES for pointing that irony out and making me laugh when all else seemed lost. #FirstWorldproblems



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