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#TodayImWearing Whatever I could find

Last night at around 8:30pm, disaster struck. My recent struggles with a series of badly designed hanging shoe organisers and their bullet-like rivets (that is once they have taken to the air, unable to cope with the weight when the shoe rack is only half full) are well documented. In order to appease the people around me, many of whom consider my continuous whining about my lack of successful storage solutions to be fatuous and idiotic, I have started Hashtagging myself with #FirstWorldProblems. This may, however, prove to be more irritating.

Unfortunately, yesterday evening, my recent misfortunes were about to pale into insignificance with the untimely demise of my entire wardrobe and it’s supporting structure. The loud bang and subsequent shriek from the bedroom alerted ES and he swiftly came to my aid with the helpful words “Hmmm, I thought that might happen.”


I sat on the bed, dejected and forlorn. My whole world has just been thrown into turmoil. (Now remember people, you can insert #FirstWorldProblems into my prose at any point, if it makes you feel any better). I helped ES clear out all the paraphernalia and dot it in various locations around the flat. 

What I was then left with was this:

Pile of clothes

Any ideas as to what I fancied wearing were quickly thrown out of the window. I was going to have to take what I could get. At 7:05 the next morning, with this in mind, I spotted my pillar box red palazzo pants on the top of the pile. I knew that my fail safe gap long sleeved T was in my chest of drawers, which had remained unaffected by the destruction. After pairing these two items together, I came across my pointe toe style metallic court shoes which had been cast aside in the panic. It’s hardly revolutionary, but given the circumstances, I think it will do. The other positive to this is that all of these items were previously purchased from charity shops, which I feel absolves me of all crimes against my blog after yesterday’s outfit which was devoid of second-hand clothing.

DSCF8463 DSCF8467 DSCF8483

I believe I have successfully avoided a wardrobe malfunction after my wardrobe malfunctioned. And if that’s not a reason to cheer then I don’t know what is.




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