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Edinburgh – Shelter Scotland

As we’re well on the way to the awards season, I thought I would get into the spirit with a speech full of hyperbole and littered with superlatives.

“We have reached the end of Edinburgh Fashion week on Look Fabulous For Less and what a roller-coaster it’s been. Firstly I’d like to thank all the charity shops of the Edinburgh, Morningside area for giving me this exciting opportunity, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all and I look forward to further electrifying collaborations in the future. I’d like to give extra special thanks to Shelter Scotland for inviting me to write a guest post on their blog! Yada yada, my mum, yada yada, my personal trainer, oh wait I don’t have one hence my bingo wings…”

Cue crying, waving my glass of wine in the air in a haphazard fashion, bowing, kissed, waving…. people arriving on stage to hurry me out of the limelight, me wrestling back into the forefront and belatedly letting off a party popper in the face of a burly security guard.

So, my last post of this ilk, and today it concerns another Shelter Scotland store. Strictly speaking these guys aren’t in Morningside, rather they’re on the road in. Nonetheless, they have an excellent selection of goods. This is the shop from which I purchased my Armani boyfriend jeans:

Armani jeans, size 12, £20

Armani jeans, size 12, £20

You can read more on these jeans here. In the interests of not boring you to death Hollywood awards speech style, let me move on to my next item.

M&S houndstooth trousers, size 12, £15 BNWT

M&S hounds-tooth trousers, size 12, £15 BNWT

I’ve gone a little crazy for the hounds-tooth in the past few months, and it’s an obsession which us showing no signs of waning. As you can see from my Armani jeans picture, I am wearing a hounds-tooth scarf which is almost these trousers in reverse. Had these been a size 10 or 8 they would have been coming with me, no questions asked, despite the high probability that I would have looked like a Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen/Ponden Home wallpaper collaboration.

La Redoute black blazer, size 16, £6.50

La Redoute black blazer, size 16, £6.50

My friend Morven recently asked the question of myself and our mutual friend Lesley , what staple items she needed to add some style and wear-ability to her wardrobe. My contribution was a good pair of skinny jeans, and Lesley offered the suggestion of a simple black blazer. This is an excellent suggestion as a black jacket can be thrown over a pair of skinny jeans and a simple T to smarten up an outfit, à la the inimitable Kate Moss (I am just wondering if I have stumbled across a conflict of interests there by saying ‘you can look like her by doing this…’ and then in the same breath describing her as peerless… perhaps no one would have noticed had I not pointed it out), or you can pop it over an evening dress instead of wearing, and therefore carrying around, a heavy coat. It is also a staple for the office, and mine has been thrown on over countless shift dresses to spruce them up a bit for a meeting.

So that’s it then, the end, what will I do without this inspiration for my posts? Ah well, I’ll probably just continue to write conceited and self serving outfit posts.


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