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Fifty Shades of Gap Grey

Fifty may be a bit of an exaggeration, in fact it’s more like two. Perhaps it’s merely a coincidence that my favourite two jumpers right now are both grey and they’re both from Gap. Well, they were made by Gap, but obviously I bought them from a charity shop for less than a fiver!

Let me describe my predicament to you…

Yesterday I went to the football with ES and his parents to watch Inverness play Aberdeen. The score is irrelevant as I’m not sure anybody who reads this would give two hoots. However, it did present me with a bit of a problem, highlighted when Morven replied to my text describing my location saying “Ooh, are you channelling footy pitch glam?”

The answer was a straight ‘No’. Not even a ‘Not really’, just ‘No…’ I was wrapped up in several layers of merino wool, a ski jacket, water proof trousers and a fur hat. I looked thoroughly frumpy. I consoled myself with the fact that I would at least be warm, given the temperature was meant to reach the dizzy heights of 1°C.

Walking into the football ground to take our seats, I noticed a gorgeous brunette bun perched on top of a gorgeous brunette head, whose eyes were covered with gorgeous big sunglasses. “You have been thoroughly out-glammed” I thought to myself. I spent the rest of the match hoping she would be extremely cold. I’m a terrible person.

You may be questioning at this point what this all has to with my paltry selection of grey jumpers. Well, you see, I love those jumpers (one of them is technically a top but the end point is the same), but the problem is whenever I wear them, I seem to get consummately out-glammed.

The tops in question:

Gap jumper, size S, £4.69 from Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

Gap jumper, size S, £4.69 from Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

Gap long sleeved , size M, £4 from Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults, Aberdeen

Gap long sleeved , size M, £4 from Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Cults, Aberdeen

You may recognise this ridiculous picture from my outfit post on the day that my wardrobe met it’s grizzly end here. You can even see my slightly receding hairline in this photo. Honestly, I don’t know why I put them up. Other blogs are full of flattering photographs, all their participants looking lovely and instead I look like a crazed maniac in desperate need of Shane Warne and his hair plugs.

I fall back on these jumpers so often. Grey, as a colour, is infinitely useful as it goes with everything in a much better way than black does. But at the same time, you’re unlikely to make it on to any ‘Best Dressed’ lists. For instance, I detest red worn with black. I question the point of it all. If you’re going to be brash enough to step out of the house in pillar box red trousers, why suddenly back peddle and wear a black top. Grey at least keeps you in your comfort zone without looking like a deserter.

So my friends, celebrate the uncelebrated colour that is grey, but don’t expect any gushing compliments on your outfit. You will almost certainly end up out-glammed at some point during the day.


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