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Expanding My Designer Knowledge

My blog has helped me massively to expand my knowledge of designer shit, as I prefer to refer to it. (I apologise in advance if this blog post seems to jump all over the place, like it did just now, but Bradley Cooper is on BBC Breakfast and it’s hard to concentrate.)

For example, I would read Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and I would see the designers, but I wouldn’t register them. I’d pass them off as ‘stuff I can’t afford’ and skim read the names. Then I began this blog and I started to come across clothing in charity shops and wonder if they were of good quality. I’d pick up cardigans, shoes, dresses and think to myself “Hmmm, this feels exquisite, but I don’t recognise the name…

One of these brands was Massimo Dutti. “Never heard of them!” I thought. Then I’d check the label “100% cashmere you say? Interesting” I’d attempt to Google it there and then on my utterly useless, infuriatingly stupid phone, give up before I decided to drop it and stamp on it, instead deciding to take a note of the brand in a text message to look up in some dog-eared magazine upon my return home. I’d discover at some later date that it would have in fact cost around £80 new and wonder if I should have bought it. In the end, however, the name on the label is elementary. Yes, it may often mean that the item is of better quality, but if it didn’t suit you or didn’t fit, it’s not worth buying it.

Recently I visited a charity shop in Aboyne with my friend Anna and I stumbled across a 100% wool Massimo Dutti waterfall cardigan in a beautiful oatmeal colour. It was £6, and after a minor cat fight over it, we concluded that Anna was in greater need of a versatile cardigan than I. That’s the problem with charity shopping with friends, if there’s only one, and you’re the same size, you will inevitably end up in a duel to the death.

Massimo Dutti waterfall cardigan, size 10, £6, Aboyne

Massimo Dutti waterfall cardigan, size 10, £6, Aboyne

Another brand that I have come to recognise is Ash footwear:

Ash slouch boots, size 37, £30, New

Ash slouch boots, size 37, £30, New, Cancer Research UK, Chapel Street

These were leather and I could tell that they were good quality. I liked their weathered look, which belies the fact that they were actually new. I stumbled across Ash footwear purely by chance through Twitter, but since then it has continued to crop up in magazine fashion spreads. I follow a number of ladies who conduct a lifestyle that I envy. I peruse their Twitter exploits and show the most fabulous aspects to ES to gauge his reaction. So far things have been very positive and I have been assured that I can look forward to a life of glamour and luxury with him, I’m a very lucky girl. Many of these gorgeous and stylish women own Ash footwear and when I did the obligatory Google search, I discovered that this item of footwear would have cost around £150 at least. It’s a damn shame that I’m not a size 4 as these were right up my style street.

Should you wish to check out the Twitter feed and blogs of some of these glamorous ladies you can see the links below

Does My Bum Look 40: Twitter ~ Blog

This blog is about facing Forty and inspiring hundreds of women that this doesn’t have to be the end of looking stylish. She even makes me look forward to getting older!

Style On The Couch: Twitter ~ Blog

This is the blog of a psychiatrist with a fantastic and quirky sense of style. She oozes glamour and luxury, and provides plenty of classic style inspiration.


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