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Faux Fur like Fendi

I’m all about getting the designers for less, but you can’t always manage to buy designer in charity shops. That’s when the next best thing is paying even less than High Street prices to get that designer look.

Designers may be at the forefront of the fashion trends and you may think that if you’re always buying second hand then you’ll never have the latest look off the catwalk (designer or high street). But, who wants to look like every other sheep in the crowd!? I find that a sense of style is best cemented by sticking to things that work for your body shape, keeping an eye on the trends, and possibly giving them an occasional aloof tip of the hat with your outfit choices.

Take this Fendi Fur coat creation as seen in January’s Marie Claire, which, FYI, and I know it’s a bit late to be telling you now, was only £2 this month as oppose to the usual £3.70. A perfect magazine match for the LFFL ethos!

Fendi faux fur coat, and a Topshop dead ringer for £95

Fendi faux fur coat, and a Topshop dead ringer for £95

There’s no doubt that the Topshop version at £95 is going to be a pinch of the designer price tag on the Fendi item. In fact, this copy is so close that Topshop may want to look up the definition of copyright (or, for funsies, you can check out the urban dictionary version here, the first option being of particular interest).

But who wants to look just like everyone else! I would prefer to doff my cap in the general direction of ‘crazy colour combos’ while at the same time maintaining a haughty distance from the fash pack. Who am I kidding, I’d give my left knee to be included in this and I would happily assault all of those before me in the queue for a free Fendi give-away. (It is useful to note that my left knee is the one which causes my slight limp, two birds, one stone. You can’t say fairer than that!)

OK, so I can’t afford to be part of the fashion elite, and I can’t even afford the Topshop rip-off, but what I can afford is this:


Asos faux fur coat, size 8, £14.99 Barnardos

I kick myself every day for not buying this. It was perfect! I have looked for another one similar ever since and never managed to find one. At first I thought that the ‘pattern’ was not what I was after, instead wanting to opt for a more classic fur coat style. How wrong I was. This haunts me every day, along with some of my more spectacular missed opportunities, like the free trip to Italy and Romania that I passed up for an ex boyfriend, and not test driving my Astra before I signed over almost £7,000 and 3 1/2 years of my life. Even so, missing out on this fur coat still out weighs both of those two royal fuck ups. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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