The High School Reunion

This has nothing to do with my usual blog fodder, but I just felt like over sharing with the internet. In fact, to get me in the mood for TMIville, I’m watching the goddess that is Emma Stone in Easy-A. This is an excellent film describing the hell that is secondary school, or high school as the rest of the world calls it. My experiences are not directly comparable.

I received a disturbing notification through Facebook today, apparently there is going to be a 10 year school reunion.

I find this bothersome. Firstly, I don’t want to be reminded 10 years have elapsed since I left school. I already have a wrinkle, inherited from my father, right between the eyes. Yep, that’s right, right in the centre of my face. Do I really want everyone that I went to school with seeing that I’m the first to develop a face crevice.

Secondly, I wasn’t technically invited. Well, I was, through a friend, but looking back through the posts, this has been afoot for ages, and I apparently wasn’t on the guest list. There could be many reasons for this, or possibly it’s just that I’m not friends with any of them on Facebook. Either way, it’s not really necessary for me to work it out, or take it personally.

Thirdly, I checked the guest list, and it doesn’t exactly inspire.

Do I really want to drive from Aberdeen to Yorkshire to spend the evening with a selection of people whose interactions with me can be listed as follows:

  • poked me in the eye so hard that it squelched
  • told me that I would look much better if I lost a bit of weight (that one was actually true)
  • pushed me over in the mud when I was on a first date
  • threatened to throw bricks through my window
  • told me I was much fitter ‘from far away’ (again, at that point, possibly also true)

I must say, I didn’t enjoy school. It’s kind of where it all went wrong, and I’ve spent the last 10 years fixing it all back up again, culminating in right now, the peak of my happiness.

So I guess the answer to my notification of an invite is no.


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