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…And Booted!

So after two days absenteeism, I’m back! I hope part 2 is worth waiting for, and if you guessed the title of this blog post correctly, you can give yourself a pat on the back. If you would prefer further congratulations on your amazing detective work, send me an email with your address and pay 50p into my PayPal so that I can mail you the aforementioned stolen paper-clip.

The recent annihilation of  British civilization that inevitably comes with heavy snowfall means many of us will have become perplexed as to what footwear is acceptable. If you venture out in heels you are at risk of being stared at like some sort of zombie (as I found out in Asda the other day, although I managed to escape without being chased down the meat aisle and beaten over the head with a shop fitting). Even the usually sensible ballet flat is incurring a level of disdain previously reserved for red thigh high PVC platforms worn before 6pm.

Therefore it would seem that, in order to remain stylish, knee high flat boots are the only way to go, preferably over some sort of skinny jeans ensemble, though I believe a dress and thick tights would also escape the wrath of the viewing public.

At this point, seemingly randomly, let me share the news that I have managed to reach the 27th of January without yet breaking a single New Year’s Resolution.

I have two:

  • I must put a certain amount of money into my bank account each month towards the deposit on a house
  • I must only buy good quality footwear

These two outwardly don’t go hand in hand, especially when it comes to purchasing boots. Boots are expensive, good quality boots even more so. When perusing the Dune sale yesterday most boots were still around the £100 mark even after a reduction. That’s still going to have a seriously detrimental effect on my house fund. But just because I want to buy good quality doesn’t mean I have to pay through the nose. It’s all about how and where you shop.

I have capped my shoe spend on a single pair of shoes at £40, maybe £45, £50 if they’re amazing and I can’t live without them. I can get a good pair of Dune shoes for that, but I’d never find a pair of boots. Naturally, that’s where the charity shop steps in (pun intended).

Boots by Jones the Bootmaker, £15, Shelter Union Street, Aberdeen

Boots by Jones the Bootmaker, size 5, £15, Shelter Union Street, Aberdeen

Boots like these would cost you around £120. I was sorely tempted by these due to their rugged tread, the thought of finally getting some traction on the pavement got me more excited than it should. Sadly, however, my instep was just a little too prominent for these so they had to stay in the shop for someone with less hoof-like feet to enjoy.

Saving  = £105

Leather buckle boots, size 6, £5, Home Start, Aboyne

Leather buckle boots, size 6, £5, Home Start, Aboyne

These boots were unbranded, however they were leather and had a nice equestrian styling to them. At £5 I was again very tempted but, ironically, these were now a little too big and flopped around on the end of my legs like a dying fish. I’m sure Alanis Morrisette could turn that into a beautiful song but I’m not so talented when it comes to an elegant turn of phrase.

Zara boots, size 4, £10.99, British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

Zara boots, size 4, £10.99, British Heart Foundation, Union Street, Aberdeen

I was out with my glamorous assistant Morven when we spotted these. She is a size 4 and these fitted nicely, but as they were almost identical to the ones she had on she left them where they were (she is obviously much more stylish and well prepared than me, and has already concluded that boots are the only sensible footwear choice right now). Zara’s footwear has a habit of coming up rather huge, as a result I tried to shove my clod hopper into it. Not. A. Chance. I found this upsetting as I had already imagined them with about 6 of my existing outfits and thought that they looked marvellous. Sadly I had to also leave them. Zara’s boots are rarely leather but even so they’re not exactly cheap, a pair usually setting you back around £59.99.

Saving = £49

My quest for a pair of black boots remains unsuccessful, but I always have my brown ones to fall back on if necessary.


2 thoughts on “…And Booted!

  1. Seriously, I love the way you write, especially the part where you said flopping around like a dying fish 🙂 very funny, that brought a smile to my face, thank you 🙂

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