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#TodayImWearing a Chanel style jacket

I’m very pleased with my outfit today. Someone did ask me if I had got dressed in the dark again, but not even that could faze me. Without pause for breath I replied “I think I look spectacular!”. The lack of self deprecating humour threw him a bit and I was able to make my escape without further comment about how my jacket looks like a cat’s scratching post.

I spent a fabulously girly weekend with Morven in Aberdeen this week. Shopping, followed by shopping, followed by lunch and more shopping! A new hair do, new shoes and cocktails have done wonders to pep my mood. Going to work today was a bit of a culture shock but there’s nothing that softens the blow like a new dress.

I found this gorgeous Next creation in Oxfam for £8. It’s a little on the strappy side for winter but adding a jacket smartens it up nicely. It’s also a little shorter than some of my other shift dresses. Though not short enough to justify a man walking into the glass sliding doors at Tesco this evening…

Next patterned dress, size 8, £8, Oxfam, Charity shop corner, Aberdeen

Next patterned dress, size 8, £8, Oxfam, Charity shop corner, Aberdeen


The jacket is new from Zara ( a weakness of mine) but was in the sale 1/2 price at £29.99. The ‘leather’ detail over the front toughens it up and the chunky frayed fabric has a real Chanel feel to it. The palette is black white and red with gold zipped detail. There are zips down to the cuffs on the arm too which make incredibly irritating scratchy noises on the desk while I type.DSCF8655

Red shoes finished the look nicely. This is my new favourite jacket and to think I almost left it in the shop! Morven convinced me I would have another ‘Fendi fur coat’ moment if I didn’t buy it and how right she was! If you don’t know what I mean by this then you should read this post.

This jacket goes just as well with a smart grey shift as it does with jeans and a T-shirt. I am so excited about wearing it that I may explode. I bought so many lovely things this weekend that you may see a few more outfit posts this week, especially I have absolved my conscience with my fundraising event for the homeless.


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