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#TodayImWearing Leopard Print

My latest sartorial obsession is leopard print. This could have something to do with every magazine and high street store ramming it down my throat like I’m a diabetic in dire need of insulin. It is everywhere! And it has been for several months. I have a canny knack of taking on a trend just as it disappears off the radar of cool. I spend weeks if not months scoffing at it, raising an eyebrow in a condescending manner at everyone following said trend and making such remarks as “Darling, leopard print is for blending in whilst on safari, not walking up Union Street.”

The weeks trudge on, I have been faced with window after window of leopard print and now it’s starting to appear in the sales. This is when I pounce, and historically this is also when it disappears from view for the next 20 years, written off into the mists of time as something only useful for ridicule by my future spawn. However, I have become a little more canny, and this time I have done my research. Many of the latest high street collections are still carrying leopard print items so I feel that spending £17.99 on this skirt in the Zara sale would be a worthwhile purchase

Zara leopard print pencil skirt, size S, £17.99. Shoes, New Look brand new from Highland Hospice £10

Zara leopard print pencil skirt, size S, £17.99. Shoes, New Look brand new from Highland Hospice £10

I bought the shoes about 4 years ago and they’re still one of the most reliable pairs in my wardrobe. At £10 they were only about £15 cheaper than buying them new but they were unworn so I was happy with my saving. They have been re-heeled once, at a cost of £7.99, I haven’t quite got over the horror of this outrageous expense (by comparison to the cost of my shoes. I have used this as an excuse for buying more expensive shoes, getting them re-heeled seems less expensive if I pay more for them. This makes no sense anywhere other than my own head.)


The high waisted cut makes my body look short and lengthens my legs. This all helps to facilitate my morning lie “Yes Megan, of course you look like Miranda Kerr!”


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