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#TodayImWearing an A-Line dress

That’s right, yesterday I was dressed as if I were a safari, today I was dressed like I am on safari. I have swapped the leopard print pencil skirt for an A-Line dress in a colour more befitting of 19th Century gentry roaming the plains of Africa.

A-Line Ellen Tracey dress from TK-Maxx, £39.99

A-Line Ellen Tracey dress from TK-Maxx, £39.99

This is a little on the big side, and I was getting ready to donate it to the charity shop but I thought I would give it one last chance. The belt is not original but as it is a little baggy around the waist I desperately needed something to nip me in and give me curves. Unfortunately, and I didn’t realise this until I took this photo, it gives me granny hips! I got a few compliments fired at me today, mainly for the colour of the fabric, not for my granny hips! I would feel sad to let this dress go as I didn’t really get that many chances to wear it when I was a bit bigger.

I might try it next time without the belt and just go for the looser fit look, like all the movie stars pull off. “Ooh I’m a size 6, but I wear a size 8”, yeah that look… based loosely on that famous song by The Beautiful South. Only my version would be “Err, yeah, I’m kind of a 10, sometimes an 8 in Dotty Ps, but I’m currently wearing a 12 (or US size 6), keep a little 2 for me…”

I’m never sure if I’m keen on the belt, I feel it makes me look like Mrs Claus, no matter what I wear it with! However, as I seemed to be going with a black and gold theme, mainly facilitated by the belt, on which I am not always keen, I put on my Oasis gold tipped court shoes which were £33 in the sale before Christmas.

Thoughts on the belt… do I need to ditch it?



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