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#TodayImWearing Florals like Miranda Kerr

I think I have started to take my lie too far… no not the one where my work colleagues ask me how I am in a morning and I say “Yeah fine thanks, you?” therefore avoiding the inflammatory conversation about the number of speedbumps on the way to work. The other one… the one where I tell myself “Of course you look like Miranda Kerr, Megan!”

The reason I feel I may have taken it too far this time is I actually went out of my way to steal her outfit this morning, to varying degrees of success.

Miranda Kerr spotted in Sydney circa September 2012

Miranda Kerr spotted looking gloriously windswept in Sydney circa September 2012

Some retard in her hallway

Some retard in her hallway wearing an H&M dress for £5

Hmmm, perhaps got those the wrong way around but honestly I don’t think you can tell! Again none of the items I am wearing are from charity shops however they cost me a snip of their original retail price. My H&M dress was reduced to £10 in the sale after Christmas from £29.99 but they were giving away £5 vouchers in December so it actually only cost me £5. The shoes are Dune but were £32 down from £95. The oh so faithful nude slingback made famous by The Duchess of Cambridge, these bad boys go with everything!

This post was inspired by a blog I love reading called LoveNiki.com. She has recently done a selection of Style Thief posts, recreating the looks of various celebrities to great success.


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