Ruby and Millie make-up case from Barnardo’s #Aberdeen

I have a storage problem. It is partially self inflicted due to the amount of ‘stuff’ that I own. Morven was aghast at the state of my bedside cabinet. Not only are there shoe boxes perched in one corner to the ceiling, there is also an inappropriately sized (read: ‘huge’) lamp. Honestly this thing is about 3 foot tall and the diameter of the shade is at least 1 1/2 feet wide. The minimal remaining available space is taken up with perfume bottles, hair spray, hair brushes, sunglasses and other assorted beauty products, all precariously perched on top of each other. Nothing can be touched. One wrong move sends my entire would be face cascading on to the floor.

This regularly happens if I want to extract my mammoth make-up back from the back of the pile. Every woman has her ‘daily face’ as it were, and then a second stash of make-up for special occasions, full of black glittery eye shadow palettes and ruby red lipstick, not your usual face fodder. As a result of all of this paraphernalia, I have no room for a mirror other than the huge wardrobe door mirrors. These are not best placed should the sun be at the wrong angle, and it’s not like you can just pick it up and transport all 7 foot of it through to the sofa in the front room. Well at least not without someone in a white coat accosting you and trying to notify the authorites.

So, I was delighted to happen upon this very well designed Ruby and Millie make-up case in Barnardos last weekend:

Ruby and Millie make-up bag £5.99, Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

Ruby and Millie make-up bag £5.99, Barnardos, Castlegate, Aberdeen

DSCF8783 DSCF8799

Upon Morven’s instruction I split my make up into the following categories:

  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Face

She has this make-up bag already and highly rates its performance. It was good that it came with a selection of brushes, most of which looked hardly used. I haven’t touched them yet as they will all need a thorough clean before hand. The mirror is especially handy and is fully removable too, no men in white coats for me when I want to do my make up in the front room as oppose to the bedroom.

I still have my daily make up bag which I keep separate, but having this highly organised way of storing my other cosmetics up means I am much more able to experiment with my look as my more exotic palette is no longer confined to an unmanageable bag in an area tucked away behind my giant lamp.


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