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#TodayImWearing #RockUpInRed

Rock up in Red is a British Heart Foundation event whereby people organise to attend their place of work/school/life in general dressed in red in order to raise money and awareness of the charity and it’s work.

This year due to a plethora of car related predicaments I have been unable to find time to organise an event at my work, however it doesn’t stop me from joining in the fun!

As any of my regular readers will know, it doesn’t take a lot for me to don a wacky colour and strut around like a peacock after an accident in the B&Q paint aisle. However, today was simple.

Red. Red. Red.

I love red, it suits me as a person and my skin tone, and there are not many things that can claim to to cross such a gaping chasm. To my knowledge the only other one is diamonds…

Naturally the only way for me to approach this was with my red palazzo pants! These were bought from a charity shop for just under a fiver when I first started out and their cost per wear must currently be sat at around 10 pence. That is perhaps a mild exaggeration but it can’t be far off.

I then decided to pop on my new favourite jacket from the Zara sale which has a red weave passed all the way through it’s chunky knit fabric. Upon my entering the office this morning my boss took a step back, as if blinded by something (I can’t imagine what other than my impeccable sense of style) and offered the opinion “You look very French!” I am yet to figure the meaning of this out…

Red trousers, £4.95 charity shop, Zara jacket £29.99 in the sale, grey Gap T shirt, £4 charity shop

Red trousers, £4.95 charity shop, Zara jacket £29.99 in the sale, grey Gap T shirt, £4 charity shop

Close up on the jacket because it's so bloody beautiful

Close up on the jacket because it’s so bloody beautiful

So that’s my rock up in red outfit. A few of my colleagues enquired as to why I was dressed slightly more eye wateringly than yesterday and I did get the chance to explain the ethos behind #RockUpInRed so here’s hoping I can hold a successful event next year to raise money for a very worthwhile cause.



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