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Structured Ruffles

Balenciaga have ruffled my feathers of late with beautifully structured flamenco style pleating on skirts, dresses and blouses. It’s making me hanker for a summer get away. It is possible that Balenciaga is only responsible for 5% of my lusting after a holiday and the crappy weather we’re experiencing right now is responsible for the rest of it.

The front page of Vogue entices us in with monochrome gentle undulating frills off the shoulder, giving a glimpse of what is to come this season:

Front page of Vogue February

Front page of Vogue February edition

Balenciaga ruffles

Balenciaga ruffles

I think what makes this look so inherently sexy is that there is clearly an excess of fabric and yet there’s still a lot of leg on show. The glimpse of colour on the underside giving a seductive suggestion of what else is on the inside of these clothes.

I have been intrigued by this styling for some weeks now so I was beyond excited when I spotted this bag in Cancer Research UK, Inverness with Morven on our shopping excursion yesterday (or research as I prefer to call it so that ES doesn’t freak out about my already  burgeoning wardrobe).

Moda handbag, Cancer Reseach UK, Inverness

Moda handbag, £9, Cancer Reseach UK, Inverness

While I think of this trend, and therefore this bag, as seductive and flirtatious, Morven took one look and considered it vulgar. “It looks like a labia!” she exclaimed a little loudly in the shop. We then erupted into fits of stifled giggles. After this revelation I decided to leave it where it was. This turned out to be a prudent move, aside from the fact that now I can’t look at it without seeing lady parts, and I’m guessing you’re now thinking the same, the only guide I could find as to it’s manufacturer was a buckle that said “Moda”. After Googling Moda handbags, the only website I could find showed them up to be a very very cheap brand, which may explain the poor choice of trim colour.



3 thoughts on “Structured Ruffles

    • As Aberdeen is currently in the clutches of yet another snow storm I think I’ll take all the Spring inspiration I can get. So jealous of you London folk and subsequent near tropical climate!

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