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Purple Rain

Purple is one of those colours that everyone can wear. It has such a range of hues, you can find bluey purples and pinky purples and even reddy plum type purples. You just have to find the right purple for your skin tone.

The easiest way to work out which purple is right for you is to find a range of the aforementioned shades in one shop, doesn’t matter if it’s tops, trousers or shoes – take them all, and then disappear into a changing room with the lot to hold them all up next to your face. I would recommend that you can spend around 1/2 an hour in the fitting room doing this before the sales assistant will presume that you’re either a shoplifter or suffering from some sort of mental disorder which means that you know longer know who you are, or where you’re going.

By holding the items next to your face in quick succession and eliminating the colours that make you look washed out or highlight dark circles under your eyes, you will eventually land at the right shade of purple for you. This shade is particular to you and you alone. Whereas a reddish purple might make one woman look too ruddy in the cheeks, so she suits a more bluish shade. The bluish shade, by comparison, may make another lady look like she’s just done 3 consecutive night shifts in a mental asylum, or has children.

Once you have narrowed it down, now you can go off purple poaching:

Kenzo purple shirt, size medium, £10, Shelter, Morningside, Edinburgh

Kenzo purple shirt, size medium, £10, Shelter, Morningside, Edinburgh

This plum hue of purple is so warming. The crisp tailoring on this Kenzo shirt would accompany a smart pair of white trousers perfectly. Depending on your body shape you could go for either a palazzo pant or cigarette trousers, either would lengthen the leg and add to the slimming effect of the vertical panels that run up the front of the shirt.

Jaeger jacket, size 12, £75, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Ballater

Jaeger jacket, size 12, £75, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, Ballater

With prices like these it could only be the Chest Heart and Stroke boutique, this particular item residing in Ballater, home of wealthy Deeside folk. This jacket was completely unworn, and would easily set you back £200 new. A blueberry hue this time, this is a much cooler shade of purple and as such I wouldn’t recommend wearing it with such a harsh colour as white. It would be too cold. Instead I would suggest a warming nude or pinky colour.

Oasis pencil dress, size 12, £9.99, Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

Oasis pencil dress, size 12, £9.99, Barnardos, Union Street, Aberdeen

A pretty gathered bust and flattering neckline make this the perfect ladylike accompaniment to the purple Jaeger jacket. Cut just on the knee and nicely fitted, you could wear this to a variety of formal occasions.

I personally hate all belts that are provided with dresses. So many manufacturers add a cheap belt in a matching colour like some sort of ill considered afterthought. If you want to nip a dress in at the waist or just give an appearance of an hourglass figure then I would always choose a belt of a differing colour. What better way to tie this outfit together than with a purple belt? Or if you were feeling outrageous, as I often do, you could choose a completely clashing colour, like ORANGE! Purple and orange are opposites on the colour wheel, if I can momentarily drag you back to primary school, and as such they clash and compliment in equal measure.

But please, whatever you do, don’t resign yourself to the sad little belt that the manufacturer tossed in your direction as an afterthought, otherwise I’ll be forced to beat you with it, that’s if it doesn’t suffer an untimely demise beforehand due to its , no doubt, haphazard construction.


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